Sunday, February 13, 2011

holy wow

sheesh. there are days I don't even think about it.. then there are days that just drive me crazy. i try and i try to not thing about it but..

i want a cigarette. scratch that. i CRAVE a cigarette. i don't acutally want one.


January 30th was my first day without a cigarette..

I can do it. I know I can!

however, i still crave a cigarette.

stupid addiction. glad i'm giving it up.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I may have to take the "in training" bit away from my title. I may already be there.

It's glorious. Celebrate who you are and your abnormalities.

So I fell asleep laying beside my daughter and woke at 11:30pm. It's almost 2am and I am awake still. *sigh*

Ok, I will upload ONE picture to see if I can still remember how to upload onto blogger, then I will be going to sleep again! woootwooot!

There she is. The girl I love, sledding with her friend. Yep, and she's wearing a helmet to protect that wonderful brain in that head. However, I still don't know if it's really required. At this birthday party it was, but I made it out of childhood alive without a helmet..

Mind you, I also call myself a crazylady

and there's a reason for that. *smirk*

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I came with intentions..

And intentions are GREAT!! However, this time I did not follow my intentions. I was all revved up to come here and delete everything. Start new. Fresh page, blank canvas.

I am glad I didn't. I will continue on with my blog and start making a commitment to actually post to it all the time. I have me a somewhat new, personal laptop.. I thought in my mind that THAT would help me. It has and it hasn't.

Anyhow, welcome to 2011! I have made some changes to my life and even though it has only been about two weeks of implementing these changes, I am patting myself on the back and sticking to it.

They say it takes 28 days to create a new habit. The month of February is PERFECT for making new healthy habits!

It's also my birthday month and well, something different has to happen. I have learned quite a lot of stuff, but things haven't worked optimally for a while now. Sooooo.. if you have read earlier blogs, you would know what my basement looks like. I am working on that STILL to this day!! (It didn't get like that over night!) I am also simplifying the rest of my house. It's going well! I aim for one bag out a week and two boxes to consignment stores on weeks that they are accepting goods.

I have also been juicing veggies. It's a quick way of getting an energy boost AND your veggies! However, you lose a lot of fiber by juicing. I have to make sure to take the time to create salads too.

I have also quit smoking! woo woo!! Anyhow, I vowed to myself that I would NOT be a smoker when I hit 33. I just took the initiative on January 30th so that I wasn't grouchy on my birthday! I thought I was a genius for this discovery! It turns out it's a pretty logical idea.

Anyhow, I am still working on a few things, which I will have to get back to. I'm off to get some beef stock to whip my family up a wonderful roast tonight!

X's and all that!

Friday, March 19, 2010

wow. it's been a LONG time. Im sorry to my three followers.

ANYHOW, now that THAT is done, let me give you a quick breif.

I no longer work as a waitress. yep, now Im a full time dreamer. Im taking a few business classes here and there, but haven't quite started the business yet.

I do have some wants though.. let me list them for my own sake:

~ I would love to refit this blog. I have been thinking about you blog!
~ I would like to STILL get that basement organized! Some is done, not enough!
~ I have some plastic climber things in the backyard that I wish to give away.
~ Once the backyard is free, I want to grow a garden. mmm, homegrown food!
~ I would like to build a butterfly, fairy garden in the front yard.
~ I would like to have a rockin resume! Even though I want to be an entrepeneur,I still wish to be able to sell myself at some point with a resume.
~ I would like to create some cool clothing out of my existing clothes
~ I want to learn how to take some excellent pictures..

Anyhow, the time is late and I have the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto to attend tomorrow with three kids.. I will be back!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

strawberry cultural practices

"Several weeks before planting, the soil is fumigated with a combination of methyl bromide and chloropicrin applied under a sealed plastic tarp, which is removed after at least 48 hours. Plants are set by hand into deep, narrow grooves on premoistened beds. Clear polyethylene mulch is applied, usually in November, to warm the soil and increase early plant growth. If bed fumigation is used, plants are set through slits in the plastic, which stays in place until the plants are removed. Florida has adapted its system to match the California system, except black plastic is used, as have other Southeastern States, with some modifications for colder winters."
I read it HERE.

do you know what that means?

Yep. They fumigate the ground with poison, incubate that for a bit.. put in your strawberry plants then put more poison mulch on top of those plants and cover it with plastic.

I always wondered why U.S. strawberries NEVER had any bugs feasting on them. They look pristine when they arrive at the grocer. I am far to swift to know that they couldn't possibly inspect them THAT thoroughly. Not to say that Canada DOESN'T do that, because I just don't know and haven't researched it yet. But what I DO know is THIS: I will be either growing my own or buying organic.

Again, maybe I'm a freak, but I think I would rather NOT eat something that even the bugs know enough not to eat.

What do you think?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

thanks my lovelies!

I'm so happy people still can find me on blog world! :D Thanks for sticking with me!!

So what am I doing now? I do have a few minutes.. let me explain quickly..

I am still working at the "new" restaurant and I have picked up two shifts at the old restaurant as a favour to them since I have left them. One of the waitresses got burnt badly and I had to come in and take over her section. They had this promo thing going, two for one meal and were SWAMPED. They asked me to pick up one or two more shifts that week and I did take one. I couldn't believe how quickly I put their old crappy ordering system out of my head as I needed a quick refresher before I started.. :)

So work is fine, not as great as I thought it would be but still the best restaurant I have worked in. I CAN NOT believe how HIGH tip out is!! 3.5% of our gross sales goes back to the restaurant to pay hosts, chefs, dishwashers, managers and bar staff. I appreciate their help, but $35 for every $1000 sold is A LOT of money!


I have decided it's time to drive. Im 31 and have realized that busing every where in my little city takes A WHOLE LOT OF TIME. My daughters school is about 5 mins from my house yet it takes me about 40 mins to take a bus there. *sigh* So, I enrolled myself in driving classes called Young Drivers. (yeah, not so young anymore.. I was older than everyone by 15 years..)

Beyond everything else, Lexi's father has lost his license due to not paying support. No more driving with him to school and back.

I am really focusing lately on starting my little thrift shop. I really need to buckle down and get some figures now. Start seeing how feasible it all is. I really want to start my etsy shop too. That just looks like so much fun! I think the only thing that is holding me back is shipping. I had a bad experience while selling on eBay once and well, the purchaser just claimed to not get the package.. which means I lost out on payment and that item. I miss the item.. it was something I was getting attached to too. :I

ANYWAYS.. lessons to learn.. :)

So, my dear friends, I am once again running away. I have a driving lesson today and Im somewhat nervous about it. It's raining out side and Im quite tired.. I should probably get some rest before getting behind the wheel!

x's and love from here to there!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

holy crap! o.O

It's been since JANUARY since I blogged last?! wowwee!

Here's a quick update.. and I'm thinking of changing around the blog a wee bit, so dont be surprised if things change suddenly..

I am working still at the beloved restaurant.. It's hype has died down and I am getting a wee bit annoyed at some of the little annoying things that haven't been corrected yet, but still, best serving job I have ever had.. so I am grateful.

I am taking a driving course, and today is my first "in car" session. I am learning standard or "stick" as some like to call it. It's about time I get my full license as I am WAY over the age required to do so.

Life itself is handing me the things I need. The people I have been attracting into life are EXACTLY the people I need and most of them are who I want in my life. It's fantastic that things feel like they are slowly coming together..

I do have some goals to work on still. Im on it, though. For RIGHT now though, I need to prepare for the road! :D

love to you all, be good and have fun.