Saturday, June 14, 2008

Alexis is going to Waldorf School!

Wooohooo!! Im just TOO excited! If you don't know what Waldorf is, take a look at wikipedia's explaination.. or here's a better one, the Canadian Waldorf site.

I have gone through a long process and still have more to go, but YAY! Waldorf is a school that the whole faculty will accept or deny each and every student who applies. It's more due to "being able to meet the needs of that child" rather than being all snobby and such.. they even have ATA (accessible to all) which will help fund those who CAN'T pay the full admission.. and let me say this, it's more per year than college would be for me. *sigh* I will be taking advantage of the ATA option for this year..

What an amazing bit of news! Now I need to go and take a bath.. it's been a weird work day and I am glad to be back home. I hope to do a post on fathers day as it is getting a bit late for me tonight.. and while Alexis is sleeping at her grandji's house, I would like to get to bed a bit earlier and sleep a wee bit in. :)

G'night all!

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