Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Aries.. or as you know him, Mr. Motorcycle Man.. part 1

On with my man story that I started a short while ago, as kindly requested! :)

Okay, so we've set up a date to take a ride.. first though, Im going to my chiropractor appointment in the local mall and we agree to meet there.

Once we meet, he hands me a helmet and we head back to the bike chatting idly as we go.. we jump on and ride around for about half hour, and we then head to the outskirts of the city. He asks me if I would like to see his place and normally this would send red flags, but I feel safe and that says a lot as typically, I can be paranoid. I nod and off we go.. down the dirt road.

Along the way, we see an older couple walking along the side of the road, hand in hand. I think to myself, "how cute!" and we slow down and pull over beside them. It's his parents! We meet and greet and Im a little shy, but all works out. They are such a beautiful, happy couple and I think to myself, "I want to be that happy with someone.." We pull away and head just a little longer down the road and pull up to a beautifully large home with lovely gardens. His parents house looks like something from a magazine, almost perfectly decorated. He tells me about how his mom loves designing and decorating as he leads me through the happy home. He leads me eventually to his room and it's a small room, very clean and organized.. I wonder if he keeps it this way or if it's his mothers doing.. (I have met very few men who actually take care of their rooms!) By the way he moves around and finds what he's looking for, I figure this is HIS doing.

** OHHHH.. I JUST GOT MY PACKAGE I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!! THANKS LEAH! (Im taking a moment to open!) OHHHH.. HAPPY DAY TO YOU TOO LEAH! :) Yes.. Im thinking this in an excited shouting type of way! I love the additions too! The freebie card is amazing and the little loomed flowers are cute! Alexis is going to LOVE those!! :) I'll email you later and do the feedback thing soon! **

He pulls out a guitar and starts playing for me. I melt. He is REALLY good. Then.. he starts singing.. oh my. I can FEEL myself falling for him..

*shoot!* I must end there.. more to follow! Im heading out with my sister to shop a little and she's ON HER WAY! ack! Ive got to rush now! (She has two infants, and she got them ready to go in like fifteen minutes? I took at LEAST a half hour with one when I was younger! sheesh! Im impressed!)

lots of good, happy feelings to you, my dear reader!

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