Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a break from the story.. instead, a short story..

I created this story before I met him. When he read it though, he instantly related and said that he was suffering depression from a previous love in his life who left him for a co worker. When he met me though, he said it was as if his spirits had lifted and the pain vanished. I dont know how long that actually lasted.. but I would like to share my short story with you now.

Unable to Love Another

"I am sorry, my son. You shall not love another as much as you loved her." The master explained.

The boy brushed his hair from his face and gazed upon the slowly setting sun.

"Why my master? What have I done to deserve this punishment?"

"My boy, this is not a punishment, but is because this is how you made your life. You have failed to realize ones' love for you as your first love had failed to see your love for her."

The boy stood, confused, wondering~
the master elaborated, "There was once a young woman who gave her undying love to you. You failed to see this special gift she gave."

The boy understood and began to weep.

"That young woman, she was the one meant for you, but you gave your heart too soon." The master fell silent..

"And because of this mistake, I cannot love as much as I once had? I must live this eternal hell; serve this punishment?"

"No son, you have failed to understand. It is not that you gave your love foolishly; but because you lost your love. You have failed to regain more, to make room in your heart to love again."

"How do I regain the love I have lost?" innocently, the boy asked. He reached into his pocket and fumbled upon HER cross. The only item he had left of HER. He held it tenderly in his hand.

"Let go. Untie the bond that you have with HER. You have failed to love your true fate because of this bond; this one mistake, has cost you your eternal bliss."

The boy wept once again.

"What you ask of me is impossible. I cannot bare to live without HER memories, HER pictures, HER cross.."

"I understand.." the master said. "Some people are not strong enough to find their true fate."

The boy collapsed to the ground, HER cross near his heart.

~ Created in May of 1995 ~

I had a dream, maybe it was a fantasy or vision.. I dont know. I could have been high during this time in life.. I have no idea.. but the words just spilled onto paper like I was in a fog.. or a trance. I would probably change bits of this story now, thirteen years later to reflect my views a bit more accurately.. but I think it's best to let it remain the way I had wrote it.

I have this knack for writing things before their time. I used to write a LOT in my younger years.. I have been meaning to start again as it really does reveal many thoughts and emotions you never really express unless you feel that no one else will read it. Those private dwindling thoughts.. many of which are buried.

I came upon this story while looking through some old stuff back from that time. I thought I should quickly throw in a blog entry as I leave Friday morning to go camping until Tuesday. (for those who dont know, it's Canada day weekend which means Im out there camping! Woohoo! Im excited!) So I think I will write as much as I can until then, but understand, there will be a break in the stories and a time for me to regain sanity among the natural surroundings of Canada! :D

If I find more which is interesting.. I'll come back! :)

Enjoy this beautiful day!

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