Tuesday, June 17, 2008

can't you just spend a little time?

Im sad. I work Monday and Tuesday nights.. I have Board of Director meetings on Wednesdays, and work Saturday nights. I will be taking this Wednesday off from the Board of Directors.. I want to spend some time with Alexis. I may even take tonight off because I need to work this Sunday night too.. I really could use the cash though.. :(

Yesterday I was NOT in a great mood. Not with anyone or myself. I hate those days, but I have them. I took a nap, hoping to help my mood but it didn't. My bath was interrupted and I was rushed out the door to meet a medical intuitive. After my five minute meeting, I had to walk about seven or eight blocks back to the downtown area which I went to the thrift shop (I found a mannequin body, but haven't decided to purchase yet!), two Nancy Drew novels for my daughter and a cute little top which is a TAD too small for me. :( I ran to the bank then jumped on a bus to go home to get ready for work.

I need to post these pictures though of this vintage towel I found a few weeks ago.. I thought it had the same image on both sides, but NO! :) I'll show you!

ahh.. the days when dad had a cigar and the paper and mom wore her apron and carried her dish brush at the ready to tackle all those dishes.. But then, on the flip side, who is wearing the apron? He is?! And it looks like he's helping with the dishes! Oh joy! I need to find a man like that.. although he wouldn't be smoking in the house.. :) I like the little flowers and pots around the boarder too! The flowers have different moods, which is adorable! I just fancy daisies!

Anyhow, while I go and try to tackle MY dishes at 6:30 am in hopes to get them done before Lexi wakes up for school.. I'll be wondering.. should I give away my shift tonight or stay home. She apparently didn't have a great night last night with her Dad. Maybe she needs some Mom time?!

x's and o's to all.. Im off to contemplate.


Leah said...

purchase. mannequin. body. right now. i mean RIGHT, right now. do it. unless its very expensive. right now.

senacia said...

oh my.. LEAH! They have a mannequin BODY too missing the arms, but they have that! The body that doesnt have legs is 39, and the one with legs and body (he says she has a fairly modern hairstyle!!) is $125.. $150 for BOTH!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I NEED THESE!! Where to find a car?! Im going insane.. :) They are on hold for me until five pm! :)

senacia said...

is that expensive though?! hmm..