Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cookies shoes!

I haven't fulfilled my duties as to being entered into Cookies fabulous contest of little shoes. See this photo? This amazing artist created it as well as many more.. I have bought five of her little creations for my home which are STILL awaiting frames. (they do have to be the most perfect ones..) Anyhow, Cookie is having a contest and I'm directing YOU there.. :)

The Cookie Sheet

This is her june link.. you should find the 5th and the 8th of June posts and THAT will let you know all about this fabulous contest.. She tells it better than I would considering I have ten minutes to get to work!

I also wanted to say that Cookies mom is in the hospital and I will have her in my prayers.. She is such a sweet lady! I hope she is feeling better soon.

x's and good fuzzys' to all!

I'm going to work again for another 12 hour shift today.. *sore feet* wish me luck!

1 comment:

cookie said...

Hey, thanks for showing off the shoes! I'm goig to add you to the list.

ps...we're over 6000 now!