Thursday, June 12, 2008

frogs frogs.. lookit my frogs!

Isn't this frog just the BEST? I love it. Eyelashes.. butterfly.. oh, it's just lovely! And it has a mate, too!

This one is the bullfrog. See those horns? Unfortunately, one day he fell into the sink and broke one of those horns.. I have glued it back on, but sheesh.. this thing was in MINT condition when I got it. We all have our flaws though, dont we?

I have been eying a pink little frog over there at whichgoose's etsy shop because as my daughter says, "now these frogs got married and they should now have babies!" so yeah.. a pink little frog WOULD be nice to have, but as this is June and I have my fathers birthday, my daughters birthday and HER fathers birthday this month.. not to mention father's day. Yep. June is a very expensive month over here.. and Im going camping on the July 1st weekend which is Canada day and WILL be expensive. Im excited, but I think I have to work some overtime for a few weeks! :)

Anyhow, Im kinda in that *blah* mood today. I was on etsy's chat boards, but I think there's some problems with chat and now that the daughter is sleeping soundly and I have a half hour free time, I should probably tackle those dishes!

Until tomorrow my friends! Finally, my day off!


Leah said...

superb set of frogs. they are fabulous! and yes. i just broke a windchime....we all have our moments.

senacia said...

thank you for stopping by, leah! I agree and without our moments, we would have a hard time noticing when we shine! :)