Tuesday, June 17, 2008


There's no denying to myself and now to you.. I have been in a funk these last few days. Money is dwindling and camping is coming which is a huge expense.. and yes, like every other north american, I do have a credit card.. I would rather not bury myself in debt though..

but.. although it's cloudy today, the sun is starting to shine in my world. I have found some mannequins that I am about to go check out.. which is A GREAT find I am assuming as my friend over there at moxie photo and design is telling me to go buy..

~~I had to run out for a quick trip to those mannequins and for some lunch!!~~

Okay! So I went.. I looked and I bought. :) I pick them up tomorrow and Im PLEASED! :) wooohooo! Pictures to follow tomorrow!

I got me another frog for my evolving collection! :) Three frogs that hold sponges.. He may be a bathroom frog though. :) I'll show pictures later.. :)

Anyhow, if anyone is noticing.. this is about the time I leave for work and I am writing in my blog.. what does that mean?! yes.. I gave up $50 - $75 for a night with my daughter! :) So in reality, I should probably get off my blog and spend some time with her (who is actually playing with the "baby" frog my other frogs made.. you know.. cause they're MARRIED. :))

night folks! Oh, one last thing.. I was invited by my Aunt to go see a psychic tomorrow! One half hour personal session she won from the radio this morn! OH THE JOY!! I'll give you some details tomorrow on how well that goes!

Til then, my lovelies! x's and o's!

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Leah said...

i am so glad you purchased the ladies...or are they men? they will be great to photograph an sort of vintage clothing or jewelry. i am sure they will add to the coolness of whatever is vintage you are selling. nice purchase! and if nothing else, you can sell them for more than you paid, i am sure!