Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guitar Man.. Motorcycle Man.. but to me, always Aries.. part 2

You must be wondering why I call him Aries. Well.. One of the first times I talked to him, I noticed a necklace (actually, I own it and still have it) that had the little symbol for Aries. I asked him what sign that was, and he told me Aries. That moment on, he was Aries. Many people had called him Guitar Man, actually, that was on his motorcycle license plate.. G8tar man (something like that with an 8).. No one had ever called him Aries and it seemed fitting to me. I think he liked my pet name for me though.. I still call him Aries when I talk to him,.. which is rare as there's issues these days. ANYHOW,.. on with the story.

He's singing.. he's playing.. Im trying to conceal my drool. This inch or so taller, amazing blue eyed, bald man (clean shaved) is staring at me with this intensity.. singing his heart out and his parents have returned home.. but he keeps singing away to me.. it's like a dream.

We chat a bit more and eventually decide to head out for some dinner.. actually, I dont think it was dinner, I think it was drinks at a local pub. (what happened to dinner?) We head up and have some wine.. chat in a dimly lit, cozy little atmosphere by candle light.. It was one of those nights where we were totally in sync. I understood where he was coming from, and I hope I made some sense to him.. :)

We leave the bar after a few hours and by this time, Im CRAVING a smoke. I was trying to hide it from him because I felt guilty about it.. but I come out and say it. "I smoke and I have to have one now.. It feels like it's been forever!" He smiles and tells me to go ahead.. but that he never would have guessed I was a smoker. At that moment, I wish I had never smoked in my life. What a horrible and useless habit. His views of me doesn't seem to have changed though.. he's still interested and Im somewhat impressed.

We drive back to my house and talk a bit more in the driveway. When it's time to go (it's getting pretty late by this point and I have to work at seven in the morning..) he steals a kiss. I dont think I was expecting it, and when I clued in, I realized I was definitely kissing him back.. as if it was a natural occurrence. I blushed, and thanked him for a wonderful eve.. then I whisked myself away.

This was the start to a very extreme relationship. I hope to explain that a little more in due time as for RIGHT now, I really should get some work done today! :) Maybe I'll come back tonight and write a little more before bed.. I hope you're enjoying my story!

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Leah said...

lovely story. sounds like it was intense!