Friday, June 6, 2008

henna roots wednesday..

I saw this on post secret and it made me smile. At least someone else thinks our generation will do good for the world..

Yes.. so I am sitting here with henna on my roots, a plastic bag over that and a felt hat over that. If only someone would take a picture! :)

As I sit for the next two or three hours with this mud type goo on my head, I need something to do so here I am.. probably talking to no one at this point as I haven't told many about my blog.. and those I have told, well.. they may not even care to check it but then, THAT is alright! I am of the firm believer that those who gravitate towards you are there for a reason. Those who cannot stay, shouldn't. All things happen for reasons and I like to think that my positive thinking influences the path I am taking in life.

I think I am an overly excited person most of the time. I am enthusiastic about little things which makes people at work think I'm crazy and maybe even high. heh heh. In the restaurant business, it isn't an abnormal thing to be high.. but apparently it IS unusual to just be plain out happy. To me though, that's just sad. If you don't enjoy the work you're doing, you wont do it the best you can and honestly, I dont know many people who really like being around someone who's complaining all the time. I feel DRAINED when Im around someone too long who's complaining.

Today is a cloudy day here in Ontario. Im not feeling all that energetic so I think I'll just type a bit longer!

I went out thrifting last week and I cant WAIT to show you the amazing haul of silk and assorted scarves I found! Oh the JOY I had in picking and choosing from a whole rack of floaty beautiful scarves! And good gawd, I found the BEST belt!! I saw one earlier this year somewhere else where they wanted FOUR times the cost of this one (at a thrift store as well) and the only difference between the two was that this one fit really well and the colour schemes were different.. :D This one fits like it was MEANT for me! I LOVE when I find those items that were just WAITING for you to find them!! OH it's SO GREAT!

Im just thinking back and OOHH.. I want to go out again to the fabulous stores I have around here! :D I got three towel bar things, WAIT til you see them! One wash cloth ring thing that goes on the wall and some curtains that Im not quite sure what to do with yet.. but the bright yellow of it I couldn't pass on! :) I absolutely fell in LOVE with this little vintage bowl and a little blue fish bowl. I had to get some little glasses for my daughter to drink from and SOMETHING springish/summerish. I got one more favourite glass that Im excited to use! :) Ohh.. let me find the camera and I'll show you these delightful goodies! (and learn how to post pictures on a blog! wheee!)

Okay.. so for two days (since I wrote this post) I have been thinking about those pictures I was promising.. well.. it's been VERY VERY cloudy and thankfully TODAY is a fabulous day! So Im grabbing my goodies and bringing em outside (because really, folks, Im a novice at photography and sunny seems good!) and with the slight breeze outside, my silks should FLUTTER! OHHH.. how I love fluttering! But I promise.. I will TRY to post these tonight as I really am dying to post this entry.

Actually, I AM going to post this.. you can wait til the next post (tonight) to view all those pictures Im promising! :) Til then, my two viewers! :)

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