Saturday, June 7, 2008

html classes CAN pay off!

Okay.. so I was wanting to make the main part of my blog a little bigger.. and for those of you who have seen this before, let me know if this is better or not. I really would like your opinion! And apparently, since I added the hit counter, I have realized I have MORE than two visitors! Yay me! So I know someone has seen my crazy little space!

Although.. on the thought of the blog, the flowers are really nice.. I do like them, but Alexis' face looks a little weird until you scroll her up where there are no flowers behind her.. hmm.. I guess I dont mind TOO much.. but that is something to consider when Im posting pictures and how there is only a little space at the top that you could actually get a true visual of what the picture is without the flowers peaking through the background.

Anyhow, I would post some pictures of what I viewed on etsy but I got caught up in chat that I somewhat didn't take note of what I went to look at! :) opps. I did favourite them though.. so if you ever get curious about what I like on etsy, just check out my "hearts" and you'll see. What a great little site Etsy is.. I am addicted! (And I really take that handmade pledge seriously! I fully endorse supporting the community wares rather than large corporations!)

Anyhow, times ticking and soon I need to be at work. Those dishes ARE STILL waiting for me as I have been planning out a camping trip and talking to my mother in law about sending Lexi to a school called Waldorf. So there was an hour to an hour and a half gone! :)

Watch me go! zooom! *sigh* and I close the restaurant tonight.. it's going to be a LONG night! :) (good thing I love the staff!)

Have a lovely Saturday!

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