Wednesday, June 25, 2008

i wonder..

I have been thinking about Aries a whole lot. So much that I have emailed him even though the last email I have stated that I will let him be in response to his silence from previous conversation asking me how things were. When I replied with "things are great.. lexi may be going private school and I am looking into starting a small business. Things are looking up over here!" he chose to not respond. I knew that things are a little down with him, I should have responded vaguely instead of joyfully in an unintentional gloating type of way. I dont know really HOW I know things are down for him besides the fact that his website hasn't been updated in quite some time. Actually, Im starting to feel like a stalker.. I really haven't thought this much about him for years or been this concerned in quite some time. To me, this is either something really wrong with him or maybe I have to resolve some more issues in myself. Actually, Im betting a bit of both.

Im watching a little flick featuring him and his friend Michelle online. It's about them flying. As I watch this, there are planes and planes flying around my little area in this world. It's a little odd as I never hear planes this loud (of course, they are not the commercial planes you would take to fly anywhere. These are single person flying devices!) or this much at this time of the day.

It's strange, I have all these things I should be doing in preparation of this camping trip and to get cleaned up before going out tonight.. but I feel as if I must watch this movie. Im almost done the second part and boy, Aries' voice and movements are bringing back so many memories. Some people have pictures to remember their past. I've got an online movie and two cd's to listen to. It's a bitter sweet type of thing. It's nice to see him in essence again as he is living on the other side of the country now and well.. yeah. I dont know how to fly. :)

*sigh* The movie is done and all the planes outside have gone home. It's time to get showered, enough of the reminiscing! :) His ears should stop burning now.. :)

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