Sunday, June 8, 2008

intentions are everything..

I guess I have this way of thinking that what happens in life is based on the intentions you have. I guess it is the same as what the movie The Secret was trying to explain. I have a deeper understanding of it than the whole "how to make money, these are the intentions to have" aspect to it. I think if someone has this deep embedded greed when going about something, they probably wont end up with what they want because the intention is selfish. It should be pure unselfish intent that somehow is going to help everyone that is a part of it. Whether that help comes in the form of materials or knowledge or even a sense of happiness.. I have noticed when that is the intent, it does materialize. Over and over in my life, this is what I have experienced.

Being a server in a restaurant, I have gone to work with many different perspectives. There have been days where I have been "out of it" where I just end up overwhelmed with confusion and serving my tables poorly. Days where I have come in NOT wanting to be there and again, just not serving well. Many of the days where money has not been a worry, I have enjoyed talking and helping people to have my night run smoothly and my wallet to actually be overflowing at the end of the night. Those nights are the best nights not because of the cash, but to actually enjoy being there and seeing those people. I have learned a lot being a server and the first thing I can say about it is that it's not an easy job (although it's a lot easier if you enjoy it) and you must be in fair physical shape because you are running for five to eight hours, normally without much of a break.

One thing I have witnessed time and time again is when someone is given two paths, one that is "right" and one that is "easier" they always want to take the easier path. why? I have found myself taking that easier path at times in life, but I have also noticed that I have chosen the "right" path and KNOWING it was going to be harder and I PREFERRED it that way. It felt good when I looked back at that work and knew it was right and enjoyed the rewards.

One thing though, I am far from perfect. I think what bothers people about me is that I talk as if I am perfect and that I know it all. I really know I dont know it all. I know what I think at times, and because I have experienced a LOT of hardships in life, I have learned a lot from it.

I believe that you and I are equal, I think we're talking on a equal playing ground. You know things I really dont know and Im sure you know them well through your experiences. What I do know, I think I know well and Im going to try to tell it to you as best as I can. A lot of the things I know ARENT necessarily what I practice, but I would LIKE to. It's like when you know what the right thing to do is, but can't quite do it yet. I know it's probably better if I get the laundry and dishes done now, but I would rather go thrifting.. self discipline dictates that you should get the chores done before play, but that's not always what happens, is it? You know better.. you dont do it though. Not all the time. Yeah, either do I.

*sigh* Today is one of those days where I'm just tired. I have a split shift tomorrow (work 10:30 - 2:30 then come back at 4:30 - about 8/8:30 sometimes I work til about 10) It makes for a long serving day. Do you sometimes wonder why your server doesn't remember your ketchup or your glass of water? It's been a long day or something has thrown them off. Next time you eat out, look at your server.. THAT is a person. They have good and bad days like everyone else.

Anyhow, I dont know if my rant has gone anywhere tonight.. Im hot as it's humid here in Ontario.. thankfully we have had a bit of rain and thunder.. but Im starting to notice that our showers arent lasting too long this year. It's starting to bother me.. we are in need of a good long rain. These rains lately have been between five and fifteen minutes. How I wish for a good thunder/lightening storm. They are the best at night.

So I think Im going to get going for tonight.. my mood isnt the best and I would like to relax a bit and maybe get a bit more organized before my all day work day tomorrow and Lexis' start to her school week. *sigh* The weekend went so fast this week. And my only day off this week is Friday. I think I'll try to get to bed early all this week and drink more juiced veggies and glasses of water everyday.

Have a great week, readers.. Again as Melissa over there at the Yummy Goods blog says, "I love your emails, really! Keep em coming!" well, I feel the same. Comment.. email.. show me you're there and it'll bring a smile to my face! Let me know if you relate or totally disagree.. I dont care.. I like to learn from some great constructive criticism. Hit me with your best shot! (sorry if that song is now running through your head like it is in mine!)

"Ciao amigos" says the half dutchie who works in a greek restaurant and sometimes just doesnt make any sense.. *smirk*

oh, and I just had a thought. One or two pictures a day of my thrifts.. I know I'll have enough to give you a picture a day for a year. I think I got overwhelmed before, trying to take pictures and then being disappointed they just didnt work out that well. So here it goes. I'll post one of the pictures I took a few days ago and not tomorrow, but Tuesday I'll talk to you again. :)

Okay.. I couldn't resist.. here's three scarf pictures. :) I love all of them!

x's and all that!


cookie said...

You are such a great lady.
I really like you.


senacia said...

awwe! thanks cookie! :) I really like you too! :)