Friday, June 6, 2008

I've taken photos for two hours and it's very difficult!

Yep.. now I know how hard it is to take photos on a super sunny and windy day! :) I'll wait until my little one is VERY occupied or in bed and try again! *smirk*

I need a SERIOUS camera.. not this old beast of a camera! So the first picture is my fish bowl. It can hold the maple syrup for dipping your french toast.. or a side of yogurt say.. and same with my little vintage bowl at the bottom there. They are both about the same size.. I nest my fish bowl in the vintage bowl.. which I really just absolutely LOVE that vintage bowl. You wont see that on my etsy shop (when it is fully up and running!) The wash cloth holder is actually much more beautiful than the picture. It has a beautiful shine to the silver and such lovely detail.. I cant wait to hang it.

The shorts are billa bong, which is weird that I even KNOW what that brand is as Im getting too old for that sort of thing. I do love the swirls and the tie up part has grown on me. The bamboo print on the ceramic bowl type of thing is actually a plant holder needing some macrame cords, which luckily Im an expert at creating.. and the plate is my new cake plate! :) I love that thing and it's the perfect size for a 9" cake. The fabric underneath it is some curtains I purchased. I thought about using them as curtains but they have those pucker things that require those little hook things.. (yeah, pretty vague, eh?) and I just dont know how to do it.. so I was kinda thinking I would use the fabric for something creative.. and those GLOVES! OH.. I really need to take more pics of those.. they are FABULOUS! The black are a little too small, but the brown fit like a.. GLOVE. yes that's right! :) Anyhow.. I thought I would finish up this entry to actually EXPLAIN what pictures I posted.. I think tomorrow I'll try to take more pictures with more in it.. if ANYONE has any suggestions, please, help me out! :) I LOVE your comments! I would really love to know if anyone has any insight on anything I have posted!

Thanks for viewing!


Cookie said...

Hi There, I like these!

senacia said...

I actually came back to leave some details on what they actually are! :) I figure I thrift shop to re-salvage things, but really it's almost like a treasure hunt too!