Saturday, June 7, 2008

my daughter is on a day trip!

Isn't she gorgeous? This is last years picture, OH MY.. actually TWO years ago.. but oh.. I love it. There are plenty more where that came from, but do you think I know where they are at the moment? no. lost on the hard drive.. waiting to be found sometime soon.

You know.. I think one of the hardest things I have had to endure as being a mother is to let my daughter go. I know these times are preparing me for the real "letting go" when she gets older.. but still.. those crazy thoughts of "this could be the last time I see her" run through my head. I am a rational being and I call myself crazy, but this really hasn't been diagnosed or anything. This is my fun way of saying, yeah, people notice I have a different way of thinking and doing.. but I do try to keep any paranoia's in check. I do try to keep in mind though that any day could be my last with her and instead of reveling in thoughts of despair, I try to appreciate all my time with her and capture it in my heart best I can.

So as for the actual details of the trip, my brother in law and his cousin is taking my ONLY child to niagra falls to adventure around the wild bird kingdom (i think that's what it's called) and the butterfly conservatory. We have been to the Cambridge butterfly conservatory many times, so it'll be neat for her to see another one. Of course they will be touring around the falls and maybe even go under the falls.. it's going to be a great day for her! She loves her Uncle Jacques and Martin!

Which leaves me with the morning and mid afternoon (before I head to work) to have a little of that freedom that mothers only get occasionally. What to do?! Im blogging for now, and dishes are waiting for me.. the floor needs sweeping and I still have all those pictures that I took to sort through and maybe take more. I should run down to the library at some point to pick up some books on hold.. *sigh* even the days I have by myself I find that there are so many things I need to do and that free time is already spent. But for now, I have my coffee and Im comfortable on the computer.. I think I will go and check out etsy.. :) Maybe I'll post back to show you some of the things I have found while browsing! Have yourself a nice Saturday!

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cookie said...

She's so pretty! I hope that you had a very fun Saturday and that you found something fun while you were surfing around. I bought some soap that arrived a day or so ago. Oh my! I never knew that soap could be so wonderful.