Tuesday, June 24, 2008

part three.. but with a little forword first..

Let me explain a little about me before I go on. I guess Im not bad looking, but I really get uncomfortable when guys flirt with me. I dont know what to do,.. I dont know what to say.. I dont have sex readily.. it normally takes someone months of dating me to get anywhere with me sexually. I get a little awkward and shy and I DONT get hints easily. I guess Im kinda a prude, but Im not embarrassed about it.

Okay, so enough with that.

So we kiss and I run away and have a hard time getting to sleep as Im thinking over and over about all the details of the evening.. I wake in the morning feeling like Im in a fantasy. This Aries guy kissed me and I REALLY enjoyed it! Of course, people at work notice something different and all I say is that I went for a bike ride with that vanilla capp guy. Then he strolls in and smiles this AMAZING beaming smile at me and my heart flutters. He comes right up to me and thanks me for the last evening. EVERYTHING in the room to ME is silent. There is only him, and I hang off of every word he is saying. Nothing else in that place could distract me from losing myself in his eyes. I guess I blushed and everyone noticed because I was teased and interrogated for the whole day. Aries came in twice more, making it three visits that day.. which is NOT unusual for those who frequent that Tim Hortons.. but for Aries, he normally only comes in twice and EVERYONE notices that ONE extra time.

He asks me if Im free that eve and I nod my head. We plan to get together.. You know, to be honest, I dont remember what we did.. I think maybe he came over with his guitar.. it's all lost in a sea of love and hate at this point.. maybe I'll find my note book/diary type of thing that I wrote in and see if I wrote out how things unfolded. Maybe Im just tired from working six hours without sitting down and my mind is fried from trying to remember so many orders tonight.. Maybe I'll resume in the morning, fresh and new.

I miss Aries. I will always love him.. and in so many ways, I think we could have worked. But then, there are so many reasons why it didnt.. Im glad to have the fantasy to relive in my memory..

night folks, be good and have fun. :)

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Leah said...

nice story thus far. something tells me its a gut-wrenching one. maybe this is good therapy?

glad you loved your goodies! i love that you loved them!