Thursday, June 19, 2008

two posts, one day.. it could actually be three posts eventually!

Just had to quickly drop by to show you what is coming to MY house!

Moxie design and photo is having a BOGO (buy one get one) sale at her shop in order to make one shop into two. Thrifts will be found at Moxie's Thrift and her art work is the Moxie design and photo! :)

This is one cup from her BOGO sale.. Im delighted it comes with a card! Wonderful photography!

This is coming free with it!

and well.. I HAD to get this because it's just SO ME. :)

Go check out her shops! If you like a good thrift, she's done all the work and brought to you the treasures! I could have bought a whole lot more, but money situations right now are a wee bit tight.. I'll be happy with my new tea cups for my rooibos and green tea! :)


Moxie Thrift

Happy etsy shopping!

I wonder if she notices.. I told her I would do this tonight! :) I should get around to showing you some of the WONDERFUL purchases I made from other etsy members.. Cookies drawings are amazing (I cant wait to show you!) and I bought an original artwork from catloaf and a little felted fawn from Nancy B.. oh.. one day I promise.. hopefully SOON!


Leah said...

oh thank you! this is such a nice entry. they are en route to your dwelling place. thank you for the lovely blooming online friendship!

senacia said...

:D Im enjoying them now! Wow woman, FOUR days it took to get here! That's speedy quick! They must've been ANXIOUS to get to their new home!