Sunday, June 22, 2008

whew.. I'm feeling better..

You know.. I think that psychic brought out old fears of being a slave to what other's thought of me. And honestly, that time in my life was horrible.. I wouldn't change anything as I learned a whole lot from it. But I really don't want to relive it. I thought I resolved those years.. maybe I am reminded of them because I didn't handle them fully in the right way..

Anyhow.. rereading that post I created late one night I am feeling I was a bit harsh, which is totally not my nature. I am brutally honest at times, but not vulgar. I apologize to my readers. I DO actually care what you think (not to an immobilizing extent) as when you share your comments, you are sharing your thoughts and world with me which opens my perspective, and gives me opportunity to grow. I ALWAYS want to learn and grow.. I think it's my life mission to continually learn and grow. I value knowledge and wisdom.

Today is day number two of my four in a row work days.. I hurt my foot at work last night and one of the chefs were a little bit annoying.. I made it through though! Yippee! I really do have to get my shop on etsy created. I would like to spend more time with Alexis and I know that all the jobs of packaging and shipping is something my daughter would love to be involved in! She makes each package special with her little creative touches! (I sold a few things on ebay and I let her help! :)

Today will be an amazing day. We are going to a fairy festival (before work for me) and my daughter is so very excited! I love to see her little body BURSTING with joy and anticipation! I am so very happy to be a mother of such a happy child! What a gift!

Soon to follow.. some more pictures of the treasures lurking from amazing treasure hunts.. my manni's and pictures of this days events!

x's and o's to all!

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