Thursday, July 31, 2008

13 things your waiter wont tell you..

Okay. I am a waitress and now Im going to direct you to that link. Don't say *I* didnt tell you. :)

click me!

I just disagree with the "taking sick days" as I WILL take that sick day.. and I really dont spit in food. It's just wrong and I believe in the Karma thing.. so yeah. *I* won't spit in your food.. but others have and may..


yep. I did it. I created a flickr group. It's all about thrifting and I hope people come and add to it! Leah, that means you too! :)

yes.. excellent advice came to me in the form of a button at the most needed time. I love this find.. cost me less than a quarter and it means so very much to me!

My daughter thought it was funny. Im so happy she can read. :)

'member these? You wouldn't if you are less than 30 years old. My mother had these in every plant and how I remember them.. they are actually called "forget me nots" but rather look like sunflowers. AND they still work!! :) AMAZING! I have a few in a plant or two.. hopefully these make their way around the house.. :)

I also bought a bunch of vintage hankies and an embroidered small table cloth.. hopefully before I leave on my trip on Wednesday, I can snap a few pictures for the world to see! :)

I woke today at 4:30 am. Why? No idea. I woke up, went pee (that could have been the reason) and went down stairs. I looked at the "I'm a loner" link that is on Cookie Sunshines blog (really neat, you should check it out!) and then went back upstairs to try to sleep.

then.. I started having bad thoughts. Those thoughts that creep into mothers minds when all is dark and they have a child to protect.. those thoughts of how you and your little one would look if someone came in and hacked you to pieces.. yes. evil thoughts. I didn't like them one bit. This is where I rationalize with myself. "that isn't how it ends.." I will remind myself. "these thoughts are crazy.. don't give them power in thinking about them".. yes. I said I was a bit crazy, but this is not how I meant it. And I know that normal sane people have these thoughts from time to time.. I don't dwell on them and therefore they only come once in a blue moon. That's how I would like it to stay.

So again, after that I was awake. I went down stairs and did some dishes.. made some coffee and snapped a picture of those forget me nots. Yesterday I snapped the button. Oh how I love that button!

IF I had more batteries I would snap the other pictures I have to show you. They are excellent little pieces I picked up at the local thrift store. Goodness how I love that dingy little store.. I clean those pieces up and make them sparkle once again and I have a new found treasure for CHEAP CHEAP! And there are definitely some rare finds when you have to rummage through piles!

My daughter (first time at this thrift shop) found the most interesting salt and pepper shakers from Radnor China. One is a rose, one is a carnation and they perch upon a white ball type of thing. I'll snap you a pic when I get those batteries.. but it's a perfect little set for the tea parties she loves to have! :)

Anyhow, it's time for me to tackle the rest of those dishes.. until we meet again!

Have GOOD thoughts and a lovely day!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

some of the secrets at postsecret are rollover images..

what is a rollover image? Put your cursor on the image and it changes. In this case, some of the postcards sent in show the reverse side of the postcard.

I love checking this site every Sunday. It's interesting to see the art created and the secrets hopefully released by many people around the world. So many people relate to these secrets, it really does show how we all can be different, yet so very similar..

One day I will get around to sending one in.. I've been thinking about it for quite some time..

The rules: “Each secret can be a regret, hope, funny experience, unseen kindness, fantasy, belief, fear, betrayal, erotic desire, feeling, confession, or childhood humiliation. Reveal anything - as long as it is true and you have never shared it with anyone before.”

Mail your own 4-by-6-inch postcards but stick to one secret per card. Put your complete secret and image on one side of the postcard. Be brief, legible and creative. And you could find your secret postcard on PostSecret for the world to see. There are so many secrets to see!

I copied and pasted that from this site. People have commented with their secrets too.. check it to see typed confessions..

Happy Sunday! (almost monday!)

x's from me to you..

battling lice? how about fleas? neem oil and it's many uses..

Neem oil is an amazing oil. The neem leaf and bark are also very amazing as well. Neem oil is NOT to be ingested, but can be used externally and on plants. It's potent stuff. Typically it's diluted with a carrier oil such as olive, jojoba, almond or coconut oils.

The reason I have discovered this was in my search for a natural home remedy to head lice. Yes, Alexis has lice again.. which makes sense, I wasn't diligent about the lice regime when I noticed it before my last camping trip. Although she's been playing with MANY kids over the last week.. and it spreads like wild fire.. it's truly possible she has picked it up again. Contrary to popular belief, lice is not a "dirty kid" disease. It actually thrives on clean hair. It can lay it's nits without difficulty on clean hair rather than that slippery hair of an unwashed head.

Anyhow, she's got it again which I believe this time I DO have it as I have slept in her bed (it's a Serta mattress and I am in love with it!) for two of the nights in the past week.

I have copied the magical link that informs you of the many uses of Neem AND gives you the secret antidote for the head lice remedy! :)

click here! click here!

Now, please know that Neem oil when diluted CAN ALSO be used for FLEAS!! There is one big thing though. Cats are VERY sensitive to essential oils. Tea Tree oil is TOXIC to cats. Don't go out and buy any old shampoo with Neem in it. It must FREE of any essential oils.. please do your research as I have before doing ANYTHING to children and animals with Neem. I have read that diluting Neem with water and a bit of dish soap (drop or two to emulsify it) can be very effective in prevention of fleas.

As amazing as Neem is, it STINKS. People have said it's a cross between peanut and rancid garlic smell. Im quite used to it though.. I have been using Neem oil with tea tree oil as a treatment for the few pimples I get and the eczema that shows up once in a while.

I thought I would share just a bit of useful info with my friends today.. Im using Neem oil today for lice.. I use it everyday for pimples and occasionally for eczema. There are MANY uses though.. even as mosquito repellent. Make sure to research before use though! :)

Here's another useful link for information on lice.. (although when I find a nit, I assume my child has lice. It's an egg from a louse. Treat for lice! This site says to find a live louse first. And in my experience, Rid, Nix and all those chemicals from the drug store REALLY DON'T WORK! Don't bother trying it.. buy some Neem and Tea Tree)
this is the link!

Sorry to keep editing to anyone who has noticed.. but I found one more link which is very useful for all things to do with Neem. It's the first site I happened upon!

Happy Day everyone! I'll post more when I can!

x's and all that!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the art of procrastination..

yep. last week was definitely a procrastination week. all except one full day where I managed to do a whole lot. I had bigger plans for that time off, but playing with the kitties was a priority, apparently. :)

I have updated my flickr account. sheesh, I forgot how much I love flickr. I need to upload more in the future and explore a whole lot more. I cant wait to become a better photographer though.. some are seriously talented!

here's my horoscope for the day..

"Your creative mind knows no limits today. It's easy to combine a progressive idea with your wild imagination. You are a powerful artist."

I agree. I am. I just have to get organized so that I can access my supplies! yay!

there is hope though. :)

oh WOW! lookit my new slideshow! it's all of my photos on flickr!!

anyhow.. if you feel so inclined to view larger sized photos.. my flickr account can be accessed at:

yep. I try to keep it all the same name. senacia. I like it.

anyhow, Im off and running.. I hope you have a great Tuesday, my pretties!

Friday, July 18, 2008

here kitty kitty..

I gave in. My daughters birthday was June 1st and her Grandma wanted her to have a kitten. At first it was one. I thought two would be better because I typically take a week vacation on an island every year and get out camping as much as I can. They would be company for each other while I was away. (of course, I would have a kitty sitter too..) anyhow..

there is this vet who takes in strays. In my case, these kitties and mom lost their humans due to them going back to Scotland to live. The mother had kittens and the humans left them in the care of the vet who just cant say no to animals. This is where I met these cuties.

When I found out they were all boys, I was sad. I wanted a girl kitty. One boy, one girl. I thought it would work out well.. maybe let them have one litter then get her spayed. Apparently they are much happier as cats when they have one litter.. then I got reamed out by my OTHER mother in law. (i have two due to divorce.. lucky me. :) Actually, I really love them both.. they are great!) anywhoooo.. "one in ten cats actually live a happy life.. blah blah.. the rest die a horrible death!" Okay, she has a grooming business. She loves animals. Apparently I wasn't allowed to bring more kittens into this world. fine. I agreed after her speech. I wont bring more kitties to the world.

When I went to see the kittens there were three of em. One orange who we picked right away, one black which I was sad that he was already taken and one buff or beige coloured one. The beige was cute, but had very different shaped eyes from his brothers. So, mr. orange kitty was claimed as ours.

The next visit *I* went on, I heard that the black one was now available and the beige was chosen instead. They changed their minds. Done. I want the black one too. Although I have now just adopted two kitties in the colours famous for halloween (my fave holiday) the mother was DRAWN to me. I told them if they didnt find her a home, she'll be coming with us. Guess how many cats we took home today? Yes. Three. Im a crazy cat lady now. One cat, two kittens later, my house is cleaner and a bit more kitten proof. :)

I can't resist any longer.. here's the pictures..

Meet Calla, the mother..

and Soot, "the devil" as one of the vet people called him! (he's an ankle biter!)

And this is Ember, the first chosen one.. :) very intelligant, but a mommas boy too.

opps, Soot noticed me and heard the camera beeps..

and here's Calla lookin at us.. :)

They are amazing.. you know when you do something or add something to your life and you KNOW it's just a perfect fit? yeah. it does seem like I know these little guys already. they belong here.

Here's my big step in growing. I never wanted anymore animals because I have a hard time dealing with death. *sigh* I just love kitties and cats faaaar too much. It has been almost ten years.. I held out for that long. It's time for Alexis to see how wonderful cats are as companions and for me to grow up a bit more.. :)

happy friday!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

on and on and on..

oh yes. today was the day of cleaning and organizing. now, unfortunately I have a problem. My house is so very cluttered. It has some great things in it.. but it's just too jammed packed full of things that it's insane. you know feng shui? yeah, tha's not happening here and I can FEEL it. it bothers me.

although I have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.. it just doesn't make a dent.. I have NOTICED it because I can FEEL how much work I've done. okay, I am being hard on myself.. people WOULD notice it, but by no means would I be proud to invite guests over.. it's still needing more. a whole lot more.

here's the good part.. it's ON IT'S WAY! Im excited for that. it's GETTING there.

yes, I have heard of the fly lady and have actually been debating doing it again. It's a great little routine system for chaos (cant have anyone over syndrome). Maybe next time I'll take before and after photos..

actually, maybe not. :)

night folks. Im swatting a mosquito and dying for a quick shower before bed.. Im done.

x's and all that jazz..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

random somethings..

okay lovelies.. here it is. I have viewed a few too many blogs and sites tonight and well.. I saw an interesting thing. Someone had random links.

good gosh, i love that idea. lemme try it!

random linkage one
random linkerage two
random linkerageness three

so that is what I have for you tonight. enjoy and sleep well!

oh.. and this is my next project. I love them. I shall blog about it when I dust off the sewer and start!

a little on the edge

last night I wore one of my bed time shirts and the collar of it bothered me. it was too tight and I was always trying to stretch it out. you know what I did? yes, that's right. I cut the darn collar off. note to self, if you dont like it, cut it off. yes, I have come a long way from my youth.

why live with something that continues to bother you? you should ENJOY things.. not put up with it and suffer.

okay. here's a bit of a story for you about my night at work on monday.

I was closing. this typically means that i cut the last wait staff and send them home when it trails off and I can handle the rest of the tables to myself, clean up, cash out and go home. Before I could do that, one of the servers took the last two tables walking through the doors before I could cut her. damn woman.

anyhow, so she has a table that is giving her a hard time. let us call this table 51. So 51 wants to know what kind of sea bass we have to offer and would like the chef to bring out the fish to show them. okay. we dont run a HIGH class joint.. but we try for a pleasant atmosphere. Not the type of restaurant that is going to bring out a dead fish for those other tables to look at while they eat their dinners.

she's begging the chef to do this, but instead he tells her to tell them a description of the fish and that it is, indeed, a full fish, head to tail.

finally, I guess 51 decides they want this fish and an assortment of other meals for the remaining guests. at this point, she comes to me and tells me she cannot handle this table and please oh please, can i take them. they are rude. okay. I will. it gives me something to do for the rest of the night considering she has taken my last tables.

now i must go to them and tell them the draft beer they have been consuming is fresh out and the wine they've selected is non existent. yay! a great way to start.

they take the news fine, decide on another wine but alas, I check my secret stock and find the wine they originally wanted. they are happy. i tell the other server where to find white wine if it's not in the bar fridge.

I pour the poor man a pint of the other available draft beer after he sips his daughters and likes it. he is happy.

I had fun with this table. they weren't at all bad to me.. I helped them with a smile, they liked me. it all worked out well enough that they gave a 25% tip. I thought it was more, but hey, calculators dont lie, i dont think. maybe it's because I only served half of their full order that the tip seemed high to me. although, good conscience led me to give a good chunk to the other waitress. i did indeed end up with more of that tip.. as i should. I am cleaning the table at the end AND she has my last two tables over there..

anyhow, all things considered, I think they just didnt like her and decided they wanted to annoy her enough to get rid of her. I must say though, this girl is bad at concealing her frustrations from her tables and probably showed her annoyance with them.. this never really leads anywhere good when serving. I think the only time I really would show frustration is if some form of harassment has occurred.

life is too short. If you dont like the collar of a shirt, cut it out and enjoy life again.

dont fear change, sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to change the situation and experience a different outcome.

Friday, July 11, 2008

yummygoods has redefined my cupcake eating..

Some things are just so simple, they are genious. Melissa over at Yummygoods is a genious for actually stopping, thinking about a cupcake and how to best eat it. Im going to just stop talking and start linking.. then I will be back later to type out some more.. :) I suggest you go check it out. The "yummygoods" link is the most recent post. The "cupcake and how.." is the page Im referring to! Enjoy! I always do!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

oh looky looky!!

I like doing angled shots.. okay, you dont have to turn your head, I'll straighten the picture. :)

ok.. three bucks for this mailbox?! How could I go wrong?! I know it's not all mature and conservative like, but HEY, most of the time, either am I! :)

'member this game? I thought lexi would have fun setting it up.. unfortunately one of the marbles are missing and one of the poles are broken. No.. crazy glue isnt working on it.. Im going to have to go and buy some hot glue sticks for the good ol' gun.

Now.. this is an interesting puzzle.. yes, it's Harry Potter.. but it has LITTLE pieces inside the each big piece, making it more difficult to put it together. It SAYS it's a 100 piece puzzle, but I swear it's not. Even counting those itty bitty pieces.

Oh, such a darling little house.. (no, I really dont need more toys.. when I start blogging about my decluttering, or if I ever do my first garage sale, I'll take pictures and SHOW you how many toys we have..)

but who's that inside?!

my oh my.. I LOVE the smurfs.. how I miss them so! My daughter wants me to put this near the fairy door I have installed.. OH, lemme go snap a picture of it quickly!

There it is..

but it's actually waaay up there.. that's looking up from the landing of the stairs which go around and up.

I love that little ledge.. I always figured there was a perfect little something to go up there.. Im thinking a fairy walkway and maybe some gardens would be nice.. :) It's too bad it's so high up though.. the only way to see anything like stepping stones would be to be at the top of the stairs, looking down. If it wasn't a mess right now, I'd let you see.. :)

Anyhow, it's getting late! I have a lot more thrifts to show you from other days.. but that shall be another story!

x's! (tha's hugs, right?!)

Monday, July 7, 2008

oh my goodness..

my sinuses are in PAIN tonight. My nose is sore from wiping and my head is constantly throbbing! ack! What happened?! Im guessing allergies.

My sister has two children. Eric is two and Hailey is almost one. One on the weekend, actually. Eric has just had an accident and broke his leg. Poor thing is in traction and stuck in the hospital for seven to ten days which means he will be in through his sisters birthday. She asked me what to do.. She had planned my family celebration for her birthday on Saturday, and her inlaws on Sunday. Since the two families together is a very LARGE group, she wanted to split it into two because it can be overwhelming for the little ones. I told her to celebrate the actual day of her birth together as a family and to hold the parties when Eric is out of the hospital. She agreed. That is what I would do in that situation.

Her family has been in and out of the hospital so much this year.. totally weird for my lifestyle. I have been in the hospital once, and that was after a motorcycle accident when I was 18. I am sure I was in the hospital when I was younger at least once when I had a car accident with my mom. I had a concussion and I had to relearn some grammar and speech. I still wonder if there is brain damage.. *snicker*

Anyhow, I do pray in a way for them. I say "in a way" because I dont know if "praying" is the right term for it. I tell people I pray for them and their families.. but what I actually do is visualize all light and goodness in some sort of bundle and send it to them, see them enjoy it and watch them breathe it into their lives. I hope for them to receive goodness and happiness into their lives and more than anything, try to visualize them happy. They say if you can see something, it's more likely it will manifest.

At least, that is what I think. :)

Anyhow, I will hope and pray and visualize all these great things for them tonight and even throw my family happiness and organization into the mix as well as those I feel need some prayers and good fortunes for their lives. Yes, I also pray for the world. You will be in my prayers, maybe not specifically, but I still hope you feel my little wave of health and joy I will be sending through the world tonight.

goodnight, sleep tight. :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008


no reason for that title except life is grand. :)

I have so much work to do.. I dont even know why Im in a great mood. :) Maybe I'll crank the tunes and dance while I pine away at the chores..

for now though, here I am and I have just consumed a pb&j whole wheat sandwich. :)
im still hungry. hmm. It takes about twenty minutes for your brain to register whether you are full or not. I'll wait.

Okay, while I procrastinate, I'll tell you a little story. One of the many experiences with Aries. I have neglected my Aries story for some time now and all those interested may enjoy stories. And that is what is going to happen now as I really cant recall when and what point they happen. It's a blur of experience now.. I'll tell it like I remember.

Aries and I were very extreme. We were TOTALLY in LOVE or ANGRY beyond despise at each other. When we were in LOVE, we would spend the day in bed. We would make love, nap, shower and repeat. Sometimes no shower and we would carry on through the night. We weren't always loud and I dont think we were ever obnoxious for the neighbouring roommates to hear.. but we would "do it" all night and wake to shower and go out to breakfast. I absolutely LOVED his scent which says a lot to me as I am not one to like sweat or smell or spit.. maybe I'm a bit odd that way? But oh, I could breathe in his scent and feel calm and secure. Maybe it was the Nivea soap he used, but it smelt only a hint like him which is the same as his deodorant. I have a necklace that has this faint smell still on it which he used to own. (remember the aries necklace? yep, that's the one.)

I loved his body too. He was only an inch or so taller than me and most of the hairy parts of him was covered with this baby soft, lightly tinted strawberry blond hair. This was another first for me; I never liked hairy men. He worked out too. I want to say that was another first for my man, but that's getting boring. Let's say I was attracted to the scrawny man and he was the opposite.. pleasantly the opposite.

His eyes though.. sometimes they had bags under them (probably because we were up so damn late certain days..) but the blue of his eyes.. they were amazing to me. Maybe it's because I dated mostly men with brown eyes.. but I could just stare into his eyes and be lost yet happy forever. Those eyes felt like they pierced into my soul and could see all there was to see about me. I believed he could, too. It wasn't until way later after we broke up and went our separate ways did I realize this wasn't so. That will be a different story, though.

He was a romantic. He would set up things like a bath with rose petals in it and candles for me to relax in.. or sing to me, just me, and really give his full attention. He would take me to dinner and hold the door open. Aries was a master at the romance thing. It's unfortunate that he had his fantasies of groupies swooning their breasts all over him and practically his choice of women each and every night. I am one for monogamy and faithful, undying devotion to your partner. I think he wants that too, deep inside. Sure, he would still want the women fighting over him, but I think he would consider life to be perfect if he didn't have to resist those temptations due to being so IN LOVE with someone, to not even consider cheating. Does that make sense?

I am different though. When I am with someone, even if I am not in love, I dont consider anyone else. I am with someone and I am not going to be with anyone else. Of course, that has come to bite me in the behind as I think almost every man I have been with (Aries says he didn't) has cheated on me and either admitted it or I found out. But I do believe that I wouldn't want that to be done to me, so I am not going to do it to anyone. I typically just left that person once I found out, never to return. There is only one person I gave that second chance, and I don't even think I actually COULD give it a second chance at first.

Anyhow.. Aries was AMAZING at being clean. He would fold his clothes before bed and pile them on the dresser. He would do his own dishes and take off his shoes at the front door. He hung his coat and did his own laundry. This ladies, is a keeper. I wish I had someone like that now. What a dream that is to me. I NEED that help. This isn't just a want anymore..

I could see myself marrying this man. I mean, I could actually VISUALIZE marrying him. Me. Him. Walking down the aisle, flowers in hand. Yep. Spending the rest of my life with him. Up until that first fight.

I don't know how many of the arguments started out, but damn, they were screaming matches or just plain abandonment of each other. Actually, that's not true. I NEVER walked away from him. He walked out on me all the time. And he wouldn't come back for maybe days. This was no walk out and come back two hours later after we "cooled" down. This was a walk out and "f" you. And the fights were over STUPID things. Useless things. Actually, I guess one thing was pretty important. I smoked pot and he didn't like me getting high. I do believe he KNEW this about me when we hooked up. I was a hippie pot smoker going no where but living happily with my friendships and hobbies. One of my hobbies just included smoking pot. You would think a "rock star" wouldn't mind that. But that was me and my life back then. He couldn't accept that.

Of course though, one of us would call the other and would want to talk. Talking lead to guitar playing, and that lead to .. well, what did we do best? Yeah, I will let you figure that out. And the cycle continued.

Another hobby of mine was journaling. I was strange at journaling though. I would flip to just about any ol' page I felt was comfortable to write on and would write. I don't really feel right about calling it journaling though, because most of what I wrote was NOT about me or my life at that time. I would write poetry.. or something I thought was from someone else's perspective in a certain situation. And Aries HAD to read through it. Although I asked him not to, and even wrote at the beginning of it that it was my PERSONAL space, please respect my privacy, he STILL read through it and would be pissed off at things he THOUGHT were about him. Betrayal. I couldn't stand it. If I couldn't trust him to not read it, then I would have to lock it up. I didn't WANT to lock anything up from what I thought could be my lifelong partner. I wanted him to have the self discipline to NOT look through it. To RESIST temptation. One major flaw with this guy. He thought I had secrets and he was determined to find them. Especially if they were about him.

I guess that's not really a story, but a collaborative collection of memories and traits. Maybe one night I will put some good thought into a nice story and write it down, then type it out the next day. Not on a whim like today. :)

Have a lovely Sunday! I may be back, I may not! Thank you to all who are reading!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

how much do we love pictures?!

EVERYONE loves pictures! waiting for them to download.. waiting for them to download!!

Okay.. so I received a package in the mail.. OH MY.. guess what has come to my door! Yes, that's right, TWO fairy doors! wooohooo! My house DEFINITELY needs some fairies in it! Although these doors aren't from Ann Arbor, they ARE perfect! I do plan on somehow adding an Ann Arbor door to my home.. as soon as I find them. :)

OKAY! Pictures are downloaded! I'm excited! Are you? Yeah, I thought so!

Beautiful flowers covered the land..

Watch out! Poison ivy also was abundant!! :)

And what do we do to our children?!

Yes.. we stuff them into each leg of adult pants! *smirk*

Here are some lovely scenery pictures of the trails we spent soooo many hours upon..

There's my little trooper, walking the trail!

This is my tent that we were temporarily calling home..

And the gazebo we called the dining room. :D

Every blog that features their camping trip should ALWAYS have a fire picture..

And a blurry shot of me. I had to include this as Im always the one behind the camera! I believe Lexi was responsible for this shot!

Here she is.. waiting in the tent for me to come to bed. *smirk* It looks like she didn't make it. She fell fast to sleep!

Here's a couple of shots of that turtle laying it's eggs..

Unfortunately, those eggs were somethings dinner as it was dug up that night. :(
I guess them are the breaks.. but what an AMAZING experience to watch!

And here are the fairy doors which have arrived to my home! I can't wait to hang them!!

Okay! So much to do with so little time. I go to work in four hours and Im still trying to rush around and get that general cleaning done as well as put away all the camping gear. I need to shower and eat at some point.. so time is short and I am running away for today!

I apologize to all who I need to email! I WILL email, and I appreciate your patience! Im still all excited about winning a print from the lovely Cookie at The Cookie Sheet! YAY! Go watch her video! What a wonderful lady and a TALENTED artist!!

x's and o's!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

so TECHNICALLY it's the next day.. but actually, it's midnight here..

Okay. So I went camping and you will never guess how hard it was the night before we left. I found lice in Lexis' hair. I entered into that (should I say this on my blog?!) womanly time of the month *sigh* AND I was getting a cold or allergies or something. Generally feeling worn out with sneezing, sniffling and itchy eyes. Sounds like allergies, but when I got out to the camp site, I mysteriously cleared up!

I sat the night before leaving, picking out lice from Lexis' head. I am a freak about using ACTUAL natural products (not the ones that just CLAIM to be natural.. I read the ingredients..) and I have found that neem oil mixed with olive oil with a hint of tea tree is the BEST way to get rid of lice. Non toxic and it really does suffocate them, so there's no chance of immunity for those lice. Then you pick em out and wonder if you have them too. FORTUNATELY I didn't.

Alexis has had two bouts of lice now. The first time I read and read and read all about them. Apparently it's not a "dirty kid" disease. The lice LOVE clean kids as those who don't wash their hair daily typically WONT get them if they are careful. You know why that is? Your natural oils in your hair make it hard for the little guys to get a grip on the hair. Also, it makes laying those nits difficult too. So ever since she got the first round of lice when she was three, I haven't washed her hair daily. Every other day and sometimes every third day is sufficient. With her long long hair, it actually helps to keep it healthy. It was very dry before, now it's thicker and healthier. I use chem free and SLS free shampoo with tea tree oil in it.

Anyhow, Im sure that's getting boring for all those involved. :) I'll move on.

So when I was at Bruce Peninsula National Park or Cypress (as it used to be called) I went on a six hour hike. (yes, SIX HOURS) It wasn't meant to be that long, but I went with one group of people, came back, went with another group down a different trail, came back, then went AGAIN down the WRONG path which lead us around Cypress Lake, which turned out to be an hour and a half hike by itself. My feet hurt at the end of that hike. I sat to find that the family put my daughter to bed (she went on the first two hikes with me but stayed for the third, thank goodness! she would have been POOPED!) and I sat down in front of the fire, put my toes up and had someone hand me a beer. mmm. what a great drink after that long of a day.

On these hikes, the one sad thing I saw was a lady who had fell into the grotto from either climbing up out of it, or climbing down into it. Either way, she fell and hit her head and from what I figure, she dislocated something, because when EMS came (that's 911) she SCREAMED AND CRIED when they moved her onto the body board. She was in rough shape. There was something that really bothered me too.. This guy with his three kids and what looked like brother or buddy came along and as he did, he was YELLING at his kids in this threatening way to stay away from the edge. Then his kids were asking if they could cliff jump. Well, there are signs everywhere saying that there have been two fatalities and many injuries from cliff jumping and that it's prohibited. He goes on to tell his kids "not from there (pointing) but yeah, I'll jump from over there!.." hmm. Good idea. Lets tell our kids to NOT follow the rules.

THEN he sees that there is someone down there that's hurt and the next thing I see, he has his YOUNG kids (I would guess a three, five and six year old.. somewhere around those ages..) down in that grotto! It's a steep climb to get down there AND there is an adult hurt from doing it.. but here he is, all his kids down there plus he's GETTING IN THE WAY OF THE EMS CREW. argh. I don't even want to go on.. it was just plain out rude on his behalf. Eventually EMS told him to get his kids and himself out of the area, so they went into the grotto. His kids pointed and laughed at the woman who was hurt. All I could do was shake my head.

Anywho.. onto better things! I also saw a blue heron walking through the water near a small waterfall, catch a fish and eat it. What an amazing bird! I was wishing I had remembered my camera! The second hike out I saw a turtle laying eggs! What an amazing thing to see! The sad thing is, something dug up the eggs later and ate them. :( I guess that's life though.

It's really wonderful how simple life can be. Eat, sleep, excrete, smile and repeat. heh heh. I love camping. Of course, this trip is not really "camping" to me. It's almost like a camping resort. Next month in August, I will be camping on an island for about a week. That is truly away from civilization and basic survival camping. On the French River, you can see the stars as bright as car lights in the night. The loons song welcomes dusk for you and the birds wake you in the morning. The squirrels scream at you when you take food away from them and I live for those days where we fish our meal to savour fresh bass. It is just so relaxing.. I told work that if I cannot have that time off, I will be quitting two weeks before the day I go on the trip. They now understand how important this trip is for me every year. I live for it. Anyhow, I will download my pictures tomorrow to share with the world. For now it's 12:30 and I am ready for bed.

I WON I WON!! :) Im still smiling about winning Cookies "A cupcake waits for you" print. I think I got the title of it wrong last post. :) Im so very excited! Thanks again Cookie! You should go visit her blog! It's in my side bar blog links as well as linked in my last blog entry.. :D (yep, Im somewhat too tired to link her right now!)

By the way.. I came home with a sore throat, sniffles, sneezes and coughs again. I KNOW this is NOT allergies. I have caught something.. Im just hoping it's not strep throat which I have just found out my cousin had during the camping expedition. :(

Good night all,.. I hope for the Canadian viewers that you had a great day, and for my American viewers, I hope your July fourth turns out to be a blast! I'll have a drink for America on it's birthday!

x's and o's to all..

what a great day! Happy Birthday Canada!

Wowwee!! I won! I won!

okay, so I didn't win the GRAND prize of that lovely set of shoe pictures, but I did win a glorious print "Incredible, Amazing Cupcake Machine" YAY!! I LOVE cupcakes!

Thank you Cookie (click here for her blog!!) for the WONDERFUL compliments! And yes, it's true. I am collecting magnets or cards to make into a magnet for my front door. My goal is to advertise Etsy and it's individual sellers.

Anyhow, when I have a bit more time, I'll show you my pictures of the weekend's events and ramble on about sweet sweet nothings..


Have a great Canada Day!