Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the art of procrastination..

yep. last week was definitely a procrastination week. all except one full day where I managed to do a whole lot. I had bigger plans for that time off, but playing with the kitties was a priority, apparently. :)

I have updated my flickr account. sheesh, I forgot how much I love flickr. I need to upload more in the future and explore a whole lot more. I cant wait to become a better photographer though.. some are seriously talented!

here's my horoscope for the day..

"Your creative mind knows no limits today. It's easy to combine a progressive idea with your wild imagination. You are a powerful artist."

I agree. I am. I just have to get organized so that I can access my supplies! yay!

there is hope though. :)

oh WOW! lookit my new slideshow! it's all of my photos on flickr!!

anyhow.. if you feel so inclined to view larger sized photos.. my flickr account can be accessed at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/senacia/

yep. I try to keep it all the same name. senacia. I like it.

anyhow, Im off and running.. I hope you have a great Tuesday, my pretties!

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