Friday, July 18, 2008

here kitty kitty..

I gave in. My daughters birthday was June 1st and her Grandma wanted her to have a kitten. At first it was one. I thought two would be better because I typically take a week vacation on an island every year and get out camping as much as I can. They would be company for each other while I was away. (of course, I would have a kitty sitter too..) anyhow..

there is this vet who takes in strays. In my case, these kitties and mom lost their humans due to them going back to Scotland to live. The mother had kittens and the humans left them in the care of the vet who just cant say no to animals. This is where I met these cuties.

When I found out they were all boys, I was sad. I wanted a girl kitty. One boy, one girl. I thought it would work out well.. maybe let them have one litter then get her spayed. Apparently they are much happier as cats when they have one litter.. then I got reamed out by my OTHER mother in law. (i have two due to divorce.. lucky me. :) Actually, I really love them both.. they are great!) anywhoooo.. "one in ten cats actually live a happy life.. blah blah.. the rest die a horrible death!" Okay, she has a grooming business. She loves animals. Apparently I wasn't allowed to bring more kittens into this world. fine. I agreed after her speech. I wont bring more kitties to the world.

When I went to see the kittens there were three of em. One orange who we picked right away, one black which I was sad that he was already taken and one buff or beige coloured one. The beige was cute, but had very different shaped eyes from his brothers. So, mr. orange kitty was claimed as ours.

The next visit *I* went on, I heard that the black one was now available and the beige was chosen instead. They changed their minds. Done. I want the black one too. Although I have now just adopted two kitties in the colours famous for halloween (my fave holiday) the mother was DRAWN to me. I told them if they didnt find her a home, she'll be coming with us. Guess how many cats we took home today? Yes. Three. Im a crazy cat lady now. One cat, two kittens later, my house is cleaner and a bit more kitten proof. :)

I can't resist any longer.. here's the pictures..

Meet Calla, the mother..

and Soot, "the devil" as one of the vet people called him! (he's an ankle biter!)

And this is Ember, the first chosen one.. :) very intelligant, but a mommas boy too.

opps, Soot noticed me and heard the camera beeps..

and here's Calla lookin at us.. :)

They are amazing.. you know when you do something or add something to your life and you KNOW it's just a perfect fit? yeah. it does seem like I know these little guys already. they belong here.

Here's my big step in growing. I never wanted anymore animals because I have a hard time dealing with death. *sigh* I just love kitties and cats faaaar too much. It has been almost ten years.. I held out for that long. It's time for Alexis to see how wonderful cats are as companions and for me to grow up a bit more.. :)

happy friday!

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