Thursday, July 3, 2008

how much do we love pictures?!

EVERYONE loves pictures! waiting for them to download.. waiting for them to download!!

Okay.. so I received a package in the mail.. OH MY.. guess what has come to my door! Yes, that's right, TWO fairy doors! wooohooo! My house DEFINITELY needs some fairies in it! Although these doors aren't from Ann Arbor, they ARE perfect! I do plan on somehow adding an Ann Arbor door to my home.. as soon as I find them. :)

OKAY! Pictures are downloaded! I'm excited! Are you? Yeah, I thought so!

Beautiful flowers covered the land..

Watch out! Poison ivy also was abundant!! :)

And what do we do to our children?!

Yes.. we stuff them into each leg of adult pants! *smirk*

Here are some lovely scenery pictures of the trails we spent soooo many hours upon..

There's my little trooper, walking the trail!

This is my tent that we were temporarily calling home..

And the gazebo we called the dining room. :D

Every blog that features their camping trip should ALWAYS have a fire picture..

And a blurry shot of me. I had to include this as Im always the one behind the camera! I believe Lexi was responsible for this shot!

Here she is.. waiting in the tent for me to come to bed. *smirk* It looks like she didn't make it. She fell fast to sleep!

Here's a couple of shots of that turtle laying it's eggs..

Unfortunately, those eggs were somethings dinner as it was dug up that night. :(
I guess them are the breaks.. but what an AMAZING experience to watch!

And here are the fairy doors which have arrived to my home! I can't wait to hang them!!

Okay! So much to do with so little time. I go to work in four hours and Im still trying to rush around and get that general cleaning done as well as put away all the camping gear. I need to shower and eat at some point.. so time is short and I am running away for today!

I apologize to all who I need to email! I WILL email, and I appreciate your patience! Im still all excited about winning a print from the lovely Cookie at The Cookie Sheet! YAY! Go watch her video! What a wonderful lady and a TALENTED artist!!

x's and o's!


Leah said...

lovely pics....looks like you had a wonderful time!

senacia said...

I did have a great time.. although all the set backs in the beginning was difficult. It was well worth it! I can't wait to show pictures of the French River in August though! woohoo!

Cookie Sunshine said...

What a wonderful camping trip. Lexi is so gorgeous, and a good little photographer too.
Also, I love your fairy doors! Too cute!!!

I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip.