Wednesday, July 16, 2008

a little on the edge

last night I wore one of my bed time shirts and the collar of it bothered me. it was too tight and I was always trying to stretch it out. you know what I did? yes, that's right. I cut the darn collar off. note to self, if you dont like it, cut it off. yes, I have come a long way from my youth.

why live with something that continues to bother you? you should ENJOY things.. not put up with it and suffer.

okay. here's a bit of a story for you about my night at work on monday.

I was closing. this typically means that i cut the last wait staff and send them home when it trails off and I can handle the rest of the tables to myself, clean up, cash out and go home. Before I could do that, one of the servers took the last two tables walking through the doors before I could cut her. damn woman.

anyhow, so she has a table that is giving her a hard time. let us call this table 51. So 51 wants to know what kind of sea bass we have to offer and would like the chef to bring out the fish to show them. okay. we dont run a HIGH class joint.. but we try for a pleasant atmosphere. Not the type of restaurant that is going to bring out a dead fish for those other tables to look at while they eat their dinners.

she's begging the chef to do this, but instead he tells her to tell them a description of the fish and that it is, indeed, a full fish, head to tail.

finally, I guess 51 decides they want this fish and an assortment of other meals for the remaining guests. at this point, she comes to me and tells me she cannot handle this table and please oh please, can i take them. they are rude. okay. I will. it gives me something to do for the rest of the night considering she has taken my last tables.

now i must go to them and tell them the draft beer they have been consuming is fresh out and the wine they've selected is non existent. yay! a great way to start.

they take the news fine, decide on another wine but alas, I check my secret stock and find the wine they originally wanted. they are happy. i tell the other server where to find white wine if it's not in the bar fridge.

I pour the poor man a pint of the other available draft beer after he sips his daughters and likes it. he is happy.

I had fun with this table. they weren't at all bad to me.. I helped them with a smile, they liked me. it all worked out well enough that they gave a 25% tip. I thought it was more, but hey, calculators dont lie, i dont think. maybe it's because I only served half of their full order that the tip seemed high to me. although, good conscience led me to give a good chunk to the other waitress. i did indeed end up with more of that tip.. as i should. I am cleaning the table at the end AND she has my last two tables over there..

anyhow, all things considered, I think they just didnt like her and decided they wanted to annoy her enough to get rid of her. I must say though, this girl is bad at concealing her frustrations from her tables and probably showed her annoyance with them.. this never really leads anywhere good when serving. I think the only time I really would show frustration is if some form of harassment has occurred.

life is too short. If you dont like the collar of a shirt, cut it out and enjoy life again.

dont fear change, sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to change the situation and experience a different outcome.

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Leah said...

i love your collar incident...something i would do for sure!