Sunday, July 27, 2008

battling lice? how about fleas? neem oil and it's many uses..

Neem oil is an amazing oil. The neem leaf and bark are also very amazing as well. Neem oil is NOT to be ingested, but can be used externally and on plants. It's potent stuff. Typically it's diluted with a carrier oil such as olive, jojoba, almond or coconut oils.

The reason I have discovered this was in my search for a natural home remedy to head lice. Yes, Alexis has lice again.. which makes sense, I wasn't diligent about the lice regime when I noticed it before my last camping trip. Although she's been playing with MANY kids over the last week.. and it spreads like wild fire.. it's truly possible she has picked it up again. Contrary to popular belief, lice is not a "dirty kid" disease. It actually thrives on clean hair. It can lay it's nits without difficulty on clean hair rather than that slippery hair of an unwashed head.

Anyhow, she's got it again which I believe this time I DO have it as I have slept in her bed (it's a Serta mattress and I am in love with it!) for two of the nights in the past week.

I have copied the magical link that informs you of the many uses of Neem AND gives you the secret antidote for the head lice remedy! :)

click here! click here!

Now, please know that Neem oil when diluted CAN ALSO be used for FLEAS!! There is one big thing though. Cats are VERY sensitive to essential oils. Tea Tree oil is TOXIC to cats. Don't go out and buy any old shampoo with Neem in it. It must FREE of any essential oils.. please do your research as I have before doing ANYTHING to children and animals with Neem. I have read that diluting Neem with water and a bit of dish soap (drop or two to emulsify it) can be very effective in prevention of fleas.

As amazing as Neem is, it STINKS. People have said it's a cross between peanut and rancid garlic smell. Im quite used to it though.. I have been using Neem oil with tea tree oil as a treatment for the few pimples I get and the eczema that shows up once in a while.

I thought I would share just a bit of useful info with my friends today.. Im using Neem oil today for lice.. I use it everyday for pimples and occasionally for eczema. There are MANY uses though.. even as mosquito repellent. Make sure to research before use though! :)

Here's another useful link for information on lice.. (although when I find a nit, I assume my child has lice. It's an egg from a louse. Treat for lice! This site says to find a live louse first. And in my experience, Rid, Nix and all those chemicals from the drug store REALLY DON'T WORK! Don't bother trying it.. buy some Neem and Tea Tree)
this is the link!

Sorry to keep editing to anyone who has noticed.. but I found one more link which is very useful for all things to do with Neem. It's the first site I happened upon!

Happy Day everyone! I'll post more when I can!

x's and all that!

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Cookie Sunshine said...

Hi Tracy!
This is very interesting and something to pass on! Thanks for sharing.

I was late this past week getting your treasures into the mail. Look for them soon. I hope you will be very, very pleased!

Sending you hugs and happiness.