Thursday, July 10, 2008

oh looky looky!!

I like doing angled shots.. okay, you dont have to turn your head, I'll straighten the picture. :)

ok.. three bucks for this mailbox?! How could I go wrong?! I know it's not all mature and conservative like, but HEY, most of the time, either am I! :)

'member this game? I thought lexi would have fun setting it up.. unfortunately one of the marbles are missing and one of the poles are broken. No.. crazy glue isnt working on it.. Im going to have to go and buy some hot glue sticks for the good ol' gun.

Now.. this is an interesting puzzle.. yes, it's Harry Potter.. but it has LITTLE pieces inside the each big piece, making it more difficult to put it together. It SAYS it's a 100 piece puzzle, but I swear it's not. Even counting those itty bitty pieces.

Oh, such a darling little house.. (no, I really dont need more toys.. when I start blogging about my decluttering, or if I ever do my first garage sale, I'll take pictures and SHOW you how many toys we have..)

but who's that inside?!

my oh my.. I LOVE the smurfs.. how I miss them so! My daughter wants me to put this near the fairy door I have installed.. OH, lemme go snap a picture of it quickly!

There it is..

but it's actually waaay up there.. that's looking up from the landing of the stairs which go around and up.

I love that little ledge.. I always figured there was a perfect little something to go up there.. Im thinking a fairy walkway and maybe some gardens would be nice.. :) It's too bad it's so high up though.. the only way to see anything like stepping stones would be to be at the top of the stairs, looking down. If it wasn't a mess right now, I'd let you see.. :)

Anyhow, it's getting late! I have a lot more thrifts to show you from other days.. but that shall be another story!

x's! (tha's hugs, right?!)

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Leah said...

what a fun mailbox! a good addition for sure. i am sure your daughter loves it too. and the price, indeed, was right!