Monday, July 7, 2008

oh my goodness..

my sinuses are in PAIN tonight. My nose is sore from wiping and my head is constantly throbbing! ack! What happened?! Im guessing allergies.

My sister has two children. Eric is two and Hailey is almost one. One on the weekend, actually. Eric has just had an accident and broke his leg. Poor thing is in traction and stuck in the hospital for seven to ten days which means he will be in through his sisters birthday. She asked me what to do.. She had planned my family celebration for her birthday on Saturday, and her inlaws on Sunday. Since the two families together is a very LARGE group, she wanted to split it into two because it can be overwhelming for the little ones. I told her to celebrate the actual day of her birth together as a family and to hold the parties when Eric is out of the hospital. She agreed. That is what I would do in that situation.

Her family has been in and out of the hospital so much this year.. totally weird for my lifestyle. I have been in the hospital once, and that was after a motorcycle accident when I was 18. I am sure I was in the hospital when I was younger at least once when I had a car accident with my mom. I had a concussion and I had to relearn some grammar and speech. I still wonder if there is brain damage.. *snicker*

Anyhow, I do pray in a way for them. I say "in a way" because I dont know if "praying" is the right term for it. I tell people I pray for them and their families.. but what I actually do is visualize all light and goodness in some sort of bundle and send it to them, see them enjoy it and watch them breathe it into their lives. I hope for them to receive goodness and happiness into their lives and more than anything, try to visualize them happy. They say if you can see something, it's more likely it will manifest.

At least, that is what I think. :)

Anyhow, I will hope and pray and visualize all these great things for them tonight and even throw my family happiness and organization into the mix as well as those I feel need some prayers and good fortunes for their lives. Yes, I also pray for the world. You will be in my prayers, maybe not specifically, but I still hope you feel my little wave of health and joy I will be sending through the world tonight.

goodnight, sleep tight. :)

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