Thursday, July 17, 2008

on and on and on..

oh yes. today was the day of cleaning and organizing. now, unfortunately I have a problem. My house is so very cluttered. It has some great things in it.. but it's just too jammed packed full of things that it's insane. you know feng shui? yeah, tha's not happening here and I can FEEL it. it bothers me.

although I have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.. it just doesn't make a dent.. I have NOTICED it because I can FEEL how much work I've done. okay, I am being hard on myself.. people WOULD notice it, but by no means would I be proud to invite guests over.. it's still needing more. a whole lot more.

here's the good part.. it's ON IT'S WAY! Im excited for that. it's GETTING there.

yes, I have heard of the fly lady and have actually been debating doing it again. It's a great little routine system for chaos (cant have anyone over syndrome). Maybe next time I'll take before and after photos..

actually, maybe not. :)

night folks. Im swatting a mosquito and dying for a quick shower before bed.. Im done.

x's and all that jazz..

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