Tuesday, July 1, 2008

so TECHNICALLY it's the next day.. but actually, it's midnight here..

Okay. So I went camping and you will never guess how hard it was the night before we left. I found lice in Lexis' hair. I entered into that (should I say this on my blog?!) womanly time of the month *sigh* AND I was getting a cold or allergies or something. Generally feeling worn out with sneezing, sniffling and itchy eyes. Sounds like allergies, but when I got out to the camp site, I mysteriously cleared up!

I sat the night before leaving, picking out lice from Lexis' head. I am a freak about using ACTUAL natural products (not the ones that just CLAIM to be natural.. I read the ingredients..) and I have found that neem oil mixed with olive oil with a hint of tea tree is the BEST way to get rid of lice. Non toxic and it really does suffocate them, so there's no chance of immunity for those lice. Then you pick em out and wonder if you have them too. FORTUNATELY I didn't.

Alexis has had two bouts of lice now. The first time I read and read and read all about them. Apparently it's not a "dirty kid" disease. The lice LOVE clean kids as those who don't wash their hair daily typically WONT get them if they are careful. You know why that is? Your natural oils in your hair make it hard for the little guys to get a grip on the hair. Also, it makes laying those nits difficult too. So ever since she got the first round of lice when she was three, I haven't washed her hair daily. Every other day and sometimes every third day is sufficient. With her long long hair, it actually helps to keep it healthy. It was very dry before, now it's thicker and healthier. I use chem free and SLS free shampoo with tea tree oil in it.

Anyhow, Im sure that's getting boring for all those involved. :) I'll move on.

So when I was at Bruce Peninsula National Park or Cypress (as it used to be called) I went on a six hour hike. (yes, SIX HOURS) It wasn't meant to be that long, but I went with one group of people, came back, went with another group down a different trail, came back, then went AGAIN down the WRONG path which lead us around Cypress Lake, which turned out to be an hour and a half hike by itself. My feet hurt at the end of that hike. I sat to find that the family put my daughter to bed (she went on the first two hikes with me but stayed for the third, thank goodness! she would have been POOPED!) and I sat down in front of the fire, put my toes up and had someone hand me a beer. mmm. what a great drink after that long of a day.

On these hikes, the one sad thing I saw was a lady who had fell into the grotto from either climbing up out of it, or climbing down into it. Either way, she fell and hit her head and from what I figure, she dislocated something, because when EMS came (that's 911) she SCREAMED AND CRIED when they moved her onto the body board. She was in rough shape. There was something that really bothered me too.. This guy with his three kids and what looked like brother or buddy came along and as he did, he was YELLING at his kids in this threatening way to stay away from the edge. Then his kids were asking if they could cliff jump. Well, there are signs everywhere saying that there have been two fatalities and many injuries from cliff jumping and that it's prohibited. He goes on to tell his kids "not from there (pointing) but yeah, I'll jump from over there!.." hmm. Good idea. Lets tell our kids to NOT follow the rules.

THEN he sees that there is someone down there that's hurt and the next thing I see, he has his YOUNG kids (I would guess a three, five and six year old.. somewhere around those ages..) down in that grotto! It's a steep climb to get down there AND there is an adult hurt from doing it.. but here he is, all his kids down there plus he's GETTING IN THE WAY OF THE EMS CREW. argh. I don't even want to go on.. it was just plain out rude on his behalf. Eventually EMS told him to get his kids and himself out of the area, so they went into the grotto. His kids pointed and laughed at the woman who was hurt. All I could do was shake my head.

Anywho.. onto better things! I also saw a blue heron walking through the water near a small waterfall, catch a fish and eat it. What an amazing bird! I was wishing I had remembered my camera! The second hike out I saw a turtle laying eggs! What an amazing thing to see! The sad thing is, something dug up the eggs later and ate them. :( I guess that's life though.

It's really wonderful how simple life can be. Eat, sleep, excrete, smile and repeat. heh heh. I love camping. Of course, this trip is not really "camping" to me. It's almost like a camping resort. Next month in August, I will be camping on an island for about a week. That is truly away from civilization and basic survival camping. On the French River, you can see the stars as bright as car lights in the night. The loons song welcomes dusk for you and the birds wake you in the morning. The squirrels scream at you when you take food away from them and I live for those days where we fish our meal to savour fresh bass. It is just so relaxing.. I told work that if I cannot have that time off, I will be quitting two weeks before the day I go on the trip. They now understand how important this trip is for me every year. I live for it. Anyhow, I will download my pictures tomorrow to share with the world. For now it's 12:30 and I am ready for bed.

I WON I WON!! :) Im still smiling about winning Cookies "A cupcake waits for you" print. I think I got the title of it wrong last post. :) Im so very excited! Thanks again Cookie! You should go visit her blog! It's in my side bar blog links as well as linked in my last blog entry.. :D (yep, Im somewhat too tired to link her right now!)

By the way.. I came home with a sore throat, sniffles, sneezes and coughs again. I KNOW this is NOT allergies. I have caught something.. Im just hoping it's not strep throat which I have just found out my cousin had during the camping expedition. :(

Good night all,.. I hope for the Canadian viewers that you had a great day, and for my American viewers, I hope your July fourth turns out to be a blast! I'll have a drink for America on it's birthday!

x's and o's to all..

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