Thursday, July 31, 2008

yep. I did it. I created a flickr group. It's all about thrifting and I hope people come and add to it! Leah, that means you too! :)

yes.. excellent advice came to me in the form of a button at the most needed time. I love this find.. cost me less than a quarter and it means so very much to me!

My daughter thought it was funny. Im so happy she can read. :)

'member these? You wouldn't if you are less than 30 years old. My mother had these in every plant and how I remember them.. they are actually called "forget me nots" but rather look like sunflowers. AND they still work!! :) AMAZING! I have a few in a plant or two.. hopefully these make their way around the house.. :)

I also bought a bunch of vintage hankies and an embroidered small table cloth.. hopefully before I leave on my trip on Wednesday, I can snap a few pictures for the world to see! :)

I woke today at 4:30 am. Why? No idea. I woke up, went pee (that could have been the reason) and went down stairs. I looked at the "I'm a loner" link that is on Cookie Sunshines blog (really neat, you should check it out!) and then went back upstairs to try to sleep.

then.. I started having bad thoughts. Those thoughts that creep into mothers minds when all is dark and they have a child to protect.. those thoughts of how you and your little one would look if someone came in and hacked you to pieces.. yes. evil thoughts. I didn't like them one bit. This is where I rationalize with myself. "that isn't how it ends.." I will remind myself. "these thoughts are crazy.. don't give them power in thinking about them".. yes. I said I was a bit crazy, but this is not how I meant it. And I know that normal sane people have these thoughts from time to time.. I don't dwell on them and therefore they only come once in a blue moon. That's how I would like it to stay.

So again, after that I was awake. I went down stairs and did some dishes.. made some coffee and snapped a picture of those forget me nots. Yesterday I snapped the button. Oh how I love that button!

IF I had more batteries I would snap the other pictures I have to show you. They are excellent little pieces I picked up at the local thrift store. Goodness how I love that dingy little store.. I clean those pieces up and make them sparkle once again and I have a new found treasure for CHEAP CHEAP! And there are definitely some rare finds when you have to rummage through piles!

My daughter (first time at this thrift shop) found the most interesting salt and pepper shakers from Radnor China. One is a rose, one is a carnation and they perch upon a white ball type of thing. I'll snap you a pic when I get those batteries.. but it's a perfect little set for the tea parties she loves to have! :)

Anyhow, it's time for me to tackle the rest of those dishes.. until we meet again!

Have GOOD thoughts and a lovely day!

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