Friday, July 11, 2008

yummygoods has redefined my cupcake eating..

Some things are just so simple, they are genious. Melissa over at Yummygoods is a genious for actually stopping, thinking about a cupcake and how to best eat it. Im going to just stop talking and start linking.. then I will be back later to type out some more.. :) I suggest you go check it out. The "yummygoods" link is the most recent post. The "cupcake and how.." is the page Im referring to! Enjoy! I always do!


Leah said...

thank for for this wonderful link! i read, and fell in love! i can not wait until i eat my next cupcake! thanks lovely person for sharing.

senacia said...

I LOVE her too! :) I very much enjoy reading her blog!