Sunday, August 31, 2008

okay. a goal in action.

I have lived thirty years. I have a house full of stuff. Some things good. Some things really just are junk.

It's been bothering me for a long time. Some of this stuff isn't even mine.

I have one child and don't like having kids over. I SHOULD have kids over because I only have one child and she is lonely.

I don't want the house to get messier which will make me more miserable which will make life miserable for her who has to live with me.

I am trying to live a life using soaps, shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes and household cleaners with as few chemicals in them as I can possibly afford.. parabens, SLS and anything I really don't recognize I try to avoid which ironically, is more expensive.

I use baking soda as an abrasive. I use vinegar as a window and mirror cleaner and in my tea pot and coffee pot.

I collect all those strawberry/raspberry/egg cartons and try to use them again before recycling (which, in my city, really doesn't get recycled at this point.. not sure why, but it gets shipped to St. Thomas' dump, i think.. yet we have the three stream garbage system. Blue (recycling), Clear (waste) and Green (compost).)

I try to give those egg cartons to an egg seller at market.

I have these dreams. Dreams that I will make my house organized. Some days I really TRY at it, then feel guilty because my little one is bored because she doesnt want to help.. and everyday there's more to do.. and well.. i just dont know. I have been dying for school to start, which makes me feel guilty because I want her gone for some hours of the day so that I can have that time alone to clean.

I look around me and well.. what did I DO for thirty years? How did I get here? I take pride in trying to find my faults and conquer them, especially since many people are running away from them.. ignoring them and pretending they dont exist. That counts for SOMETHING, doesn't it? I try to look at the brighter side of things.. hoping that I will get through the lessons set out for this lifetime and actually evolve. I don't want to repeat these lessons and make the same mistakes.

I want to try something different.

I have had a thought. I don't know if I am brave enough.. but I wish to be. Maybe I will climb out on that limb and try to fly. Follow through with a plan that has been a dream for a long while. Dare to succeed.

My thought is to take a picture of the dreaded basement. The place I wish to set up as a studio. Blog it. Show it in its natural disaster and HOPE (oh gawd, I hope) to make it better. I hope for this picture to give me inspiration and drive to really devote time to it. make it a useful place. There are such great things down there that if only it was set up, it would be so wonderful.. so useful. I know I have unique ideas for ordinary things.. I could wow myself at what I come up with.

What do you think? Should I dare to show you my basement with that fear that maybe I may fail at giving you an "after" picture.. and be horribly embarrassed?

I have got nothing to lose but more time. where did those last ten years go?

Give me a week. I'll post you a picture. Lets climb out on that limb, Im getting tired of only dreaming about it.. I'll throw caution into the wind and see where it takes me.

x's folks.. thanks for reading.

A quick edit for a quote:

"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

--William Morris

Thank you Queen of Fifty Cents for having this posted on the side bar of your blog!

Friday, August 29, 2008

things I should do before I turn 31.. as well as some more thrifty finds!

Okay.. so both leah at Moxie Photo and Design and this blog, Soon, Then gave me the idea.

Lists. okay, I really do make plenty of lists on my own.. but here is a good idea. A list of DESIRES I would like to accomplish before I turn 31. (Leah's was just for this weekend.. I needed longer. :))

Okay, so the end of February is my birthday.. and this is what I would like to do.

~ start a shop. Etsy would be a fine shop to start.
~ set up and organize the studio
~ walk in nice grass with bare feet again
~ make a snow fort (common weather, work with me this year!!)
~ buy me a brand new bed, I deserve it.
~ organize my room. Ive done Lexi's, now it's MY turn!
~ drink three glasses of water a day habitually.
~ learn how to use a better camera, or at least figure out how to use THIS camera!

Im going to stop my list and actually think about it. I may add to it later! Maybe some day shortly, I'll actually make this a list at the side of my blog.. anyone want to inform me how to strike out lettering in HTML? :)

so.. I think Im addicted to using the camera today. I have taken a few more photos to put up.. here it goes!

My first ever favourite glass. My mom thrifted it and eventually gave it to me because any time I came over, I would drink from it and only it. She grew tired of me washing out this glass when it was dirty to use it and forced me to take it with me. THANKS MOM! Unfortunately, this now has some chips out of the rim. I have used it for a watering glass for some high up plants.. but I think I will plant some plant in it that uses pebbles and water for the base.. like bamboo or something.. (yes, I know I have juice in this cup.. it actually is MEANT for moooo milk. See the cow on the back?! :)

not the best picture here.. but this is my flowery plate with a little ceramic butterfly and a pair of cuff links. One of my newest thrifted shirts needs cuff links.. these were the only ones I could find. The butterfly is for my daughter who LOVES butterflies and I couldn't resist the plate.. I love daisies!

Here's one of the mannies I was promising you before (and TOTALLY forgot to show you!!) Now she's wearing the british shirt! actually, NOW Im wearing the british shirt.. but I put it on her and snapped a quick pic! I'm still thinking of how to fix the zipper problem.. I know I can put a new one in, but Im trying to think of a different fastening method!

and here are my WONDERFUL scarf curtains. They have grown so very much and now encompass both side by side windows.. I have some ties tied to the hooky things that the curtain rod normally sits on and when I want to lower the curtains, I just unhook the rod and let it dangle by the loops that is sewn on a tie to put the smaller part of the tie through to keep it all together. I thought it was genius.. and inventive! :)

I think the only problem (which isnt much of a problem) with this is that I have too many on here that you cant really see all of them. I think the solution would be to go and spread them out a bit more. :)

SURE! I can do that! :D

Anyhow.. I think Im going to get some munchies.. relax a bit and take in the silence of the night. Maybe read a little..

Ciao for now!
x's and all!

ready.. set.. more loot!

so I have gathered some more stuff to show off. :) I LOVE thrifting.. I really do have a talent (at least in my own head) and really do love doing it. :) I MUST incorporate this love and talent into a career.. wouldnt that be wise?!

anyhow.. off to the pictures!

This is the print of my table cloth! :) I love it!

This is the newest tank I have purchased.. There is only one thing I want to fix on it and that is the zipper on the side of it. It's got that kinky problem where it bulges out.. I havent tried it on, it may not do that once on..

This is a cute little set I got a while ago and thought I would show it off now. It's a springish type creamer and sugar set. I think it's adorable! :)

Oh.. I almost pooped myself a little when I saw this. (okay, I just wanted to make you laugh.. sorry if that was offensive!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this.. I dont know if it's the trim on it (it is even around the bottom of the creamer and sugar bowl!).. the fact that it's stainless steel.. or whether it has a tray to conveniently bring it to the table.. It's amazing and it's MINE. :) (sorry)

This is a scale from Farberware. It's cute and goes up to five pounds. It does have a little slide on it to adjust the weight for the tare of the lid.. which because it doesn't minus enough for the weight of the lid, I was putting it up to one pound and then taking that pound off the total to know what the actual weight of things were.. :) It's fun and folds down on itself! (Although, I have a digital weight scale.. I am not sure if I ever NEED to weigh food!)

Yep. I just love this shirt. It's all cotton and very light and airy. It's a maternity top, but hey.. I just dont care! I will wear it either with a tank underneath it or size it down next time I get the sewer out. :) Below is a close up of the main print in it. I love that little white heart!

and here's the tea party we had today! :) Lexi and her plastic.. me and my Denby cut "new life" is what I call it.. and my stainless steel creamer and honey (sugar) bowl!

OKAY! There is so much more to show you, but alas.. i must snap the pictures! :)

I may be back later.. have a great day!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

homestudio on etsy has brought insight for my work day..

yep. she has a sale going on too..

buy two get one free! I may snatch me up some of these scrabble pendants..

oh thrifting .. how I have splurged!

Okay, this isn't even a QUARTER of my haul.. but I thought I would enlighten you with the pictures I have taken. :) Here's some pictures and some descriptions and then Im getting back to finding all my clothing thrifts and taking pictures of those items too!

Cute little dish, eh? It's actually not that little, but a "handful". It has a purple and green gleam to it and is a solid glass piece. I LOVE the way my hand can cradle it. I have a feeling it's an ashtray for either cigarettes or cigars. The cigar would make sense as I can put my thumb in the little groove and it fits there perfectly!

This is actually a small little vase. I really LOVE it. I had to buy it for the dandelions my daughter collects for me every spring and summer!

my newest mug. I love it too. It's made in Scotland and made by Duncon Ceramics or maybe it's Dunoon Ceramics.. not too sure with that letter in there. :) Oh, the honey jar beside the mug was also thrifted! :D I love it as it's lid keeps any critters out!

Yes. I know. It's a spoon to you. To me, this will be the BEST UTENSIL for my pumpkin carving. The pointy end will help very much in pushing out my cuttings or maybe just starting a hole somewhere in my pumpkin. :) The scoop is nice and thick so there's no chance of it bending like last years scoop. :) I paid a good fifty cents! What joy this will bring me in two months!

Springy, funky fruit holders! I love them! So different and neat.. My MIL hates them though!

This is now one of my favourite glasses. Yes, SWIFT seeds... how I love you.. :) Perfect size for a glass of juice!

I forgot to add this one more picture.. so here I am editting! :)

My newest easter bowls. Aren't they cute as cute can be?! The polka dot one is from Tag, and the easter bunny one I saw a year or two ago in Hallmark. Of course, both items were so much cheaper than when I first saw them in the actual stores.. I think I may have paid $1.25 for both combined! :)

Oh how I love thrift stores! I think I will head back out today! :D (I may have a problem...)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I am so beat. I had a table of 22, 6, 2 and a 4 at the same time and the kitchen was SO VERY SLOW with orders.. what do you do when you have no control over the food? What do you say to customers when they've waited an hour for their entree and then get bitched at by the owner for them being upset? There's nothing you can really do ESPECIALLY when the owner is working in the kitchen and responsible for that food taking so long. Even if you explain that it was the wait of the food and that YOU actually punched it in as soon as it was said to you, they find a way to STILL make it your fault. I know it's not my fault and I KNOW it's him not wanting to take responsibility.. I am just so very tired of UNDERSTANDING other peoples inability to accept responsibility. I have dealt with this so very much in life.. I want to have LEARNED this lesson already.. not have it thrown at me over and over again in this life.

I need a new job.

I envision myself working for myself in my very own shop. That is my dream.. I have to make this a reality. I could even go with a restaurant as I have been working in them for so very long. I know the deal with restaurants.. I would rather work in a thrift shop though.

goodnight to my two viewers.. I hope one day others will find me here..

Saturday, August 23, 2008

first things first..

phew.. lets just get the campfire picture out of the way.. :)

My camping trip was amazing! Although it rained the thursday that we got there and again on the Saturday.. it was still fantastic! It rained friday night til saturday mid day and my aunts tent was SOAKED. She had seam sealed her fly and because the top of her tent is mesh, she couldnt seam seal that. So.. the fly leaked and they were ringing out their sleeping bags.. it was a close call.. it didnt look like it was going to clear up on Saturday so they were thinking about going home and leaving us there to fend for ourselves.. which we could have done. Our tent was fine and there was tons of food. Thankfully it cleared around 3 pm and that was enough time to dry all sleeping bags and air out the ground of the tent.

Fishing was fabulous.. I LOVE to fish. I caught the most fish AND the biggest fish. Mind you, it was a tad unfair as I DID fish the most. I had purchased a new rod and reel before going out.. then realized that I had donated my life jacket to goodwill in thoughts that if I didnt have one, I would get myself a new one. (although the inlaws have plenty I could borrow.. I knew I would want to have my own..)

Well.. it was a bad year to do that to myself as I spent almost $200 on myself BEFORE the cost of the trip.. so this years trip was MIGHTY expensive. I had a great time though!

I'll post ya some more pictures now.. :)
This is the scene if you were standing by my tent, looking down at the gazebo.

this would be left of my tent and down a bit.. :) I was trying to get a picture of the eight or nine loons that were swimming in a row!

and this is the way we came in.. :)

This is the island in whole, on leaving day. Goodbye French River Island!!

This is the cooking fire. We always set it up against the rock and set up a grill over it. It's a very good set up to do all your cooking.. here, we're cooking fish, chips and beans!

Wonderful scenery.. I love this trip..

The Aunt's boat.. I should have learned how to drive it.. I was meaning to but got too distracted into fishing.

My tent!!

Both Joe. One was a quick snap.. I thought it was a funny shot.. the next is him kissing his catch of the day. :)

Martin happy with his catch.. a little blurry for both, but with the night, I couldn't really see the lcd screen! :)

Lookie here.. this is me! :) My shirt smelt like fish for the rest of the trip but hey, I never have my picture taken! :) it looks like Im enjoying it! hahahah..

Lexi doing a weird face.. Im not sure why, but we both laughed when looking at the picture afterwards!

Mary comin out of the gazebo..

Lexi and Katie staying under the tarps while the rain came down on and off that day..

Mathew and Mary..

Mathew and Lexi catching frogs and grasshoppers..

Katie hard at work doing some crafts.. :)

all in all, a great trip!!

Give me a few days to whip up my thriftings post. I have some EXCELLENT finds and I cant wait to show you all!

but until then, Tangente showed me a blog called It's lovely! I'll take it! Go check that out.. "a collection of poorly chosen photos from real estate listings" and some amusing quips. :)

x's and all,

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I promise you I have been thinking of you..

Yes.. my INTENTIONS have been to sit down with a nice cup of hot java and create my very next blog telling you about my camping trip and how I so very much loved it but experienced some thrifting withdrawl.. and how my next shops at my local thrifting supply shops (heh heh) were FANTABULOUS.. I purchased some excellent treasures! I cant wait to show you!!

anyhow.. as one thing came to another.. and TWO horrible nights at work (debit/credit machine is down.. and that is just the beginnings of the horrible.) I have taken my first day off (Wednesday) to do some laundry and general cleaning. It's what I do when I have to think about something or to calm myself down while upset. I guess I do it when I have to too, I just dont like those times. :)

Anyhow.. I also came home to find my WONDERFUL drawings from Cookie Sunshine.. (her link is in my blog list) and oh boy oh boy.. I cant wait to find the newest frames!! :) I should also photograph my other creations!! hehheh..

so yeah.. just to help me out and inform you at the same time.. this is what I must do in the next two days..

- teddy bear picnic lexi wants to go to from 1 - 4 pm Thursday (hey.. tha's today!)
- BIL is coming for dinner.. possibly crashing on the pull out.. (we have some catch up to do)
- thrift at this store I have been wanting to go to for TWO whole days.. never been there before, so it's becoming urgent! --> find those new frames!
- sweep, mop and vacuum all floors before BIL gets here.
- think of and get some dinner
- do the dishes I neglected before BIL gets here

there is a whole lot more I must do before my next work night.. Ive got a list beside my bed that I wrote up an hour or so ago. I havent been able to sleep so I have been reading a little of this.. writing a little of that.. sketching some new design ideas I have..

I did sleep from nine pm til about one am. I think that is my problem. I fell to sleep too early and somehow woke up and couldn't get back to sleep.

*sigh* I did just yawn.. maybe I will lay down now and drift off to sleep.

goodnight lovelies..

Friday, August 15, 2008

love my blog?

Guess what I won from Cookie at The Cookie Sheet! Yes.. this lovely lady loves my blog! Which is funny, because I love her blog AND her fabulous art!! :D If you go to her blog, she's created a cute poem about this award too! I should have used it with her permission.. it's darling!

okay, so there are rules.. always rules.. but these are going to be fun rules!

link back to the lovely person who chose you.. and pick six more to award this to and send them a little wee message saying you chose them! YAY! Make sure you link them on your blog too! yay!

okay.. here goes my six.. no particular order..

Yummy Goods
Moxie Photo and Design
Maya Made
Which Goose
Ergo Sum

These are the blogs that I read.. so they MUST be my favourite, right?! Actually, Cookies blog is in my favourites too.. so click on my "I love your blog" picture over there on the right and you will be directed to her lovely blog!!

Oh, and I have given a little taste of Which Goose's, Cookies and Moxie's etsy shops on a previous post, if you want to see a little of their creations!

Okay, so it' actually Tuesday morning, almost one full week since I got back and I have been working like crazy unpacking, serving and entertaining the little one.. I can't wait for a day off to actually get some blogging done!! *yippie* I have some WONDERFUL thrifty finds for you to see.. pictures from camping.. and just so many thoughts and ideas floating around in the noggin that I'd like to share.. so please, if you can.. be patient and I will find that time I need to unload the thoughts and sights this crazy lady has to offer! :D

ciao for now!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ready.. get set..

yes, it's a countdown now. Im leaving and I'll come back to post about it! What a wonderful time it will be and how I will love to come back to the cluttered city life I lead. hmm. lead doesnt look right. is that right? you know how sometimes that happens. you type out a word (or write.. if yer retro! :) and it just doesnt look right?! yep. it's a common word.. but still, you look at it and wonder.. how IS that spelled? hrm. lead has to have two meanings, because I know that spells lead as in lead poisoning. :) or a lead pencil..

anyhow, im delirious and should get some sleep so I will be able to make my great escape QUICKLY tomorrow!

Ladies and gents, have yourselves a great week and I'll try to think of interesting posts to come! :D

what next?

Typically I try to redirect negative thoughts and just focus on positive things. I TRY. I forget to do it and sometimes just am not capable of doing it. Last night was one night I couldn't continue to try to do it.. everything was just going from bad to worse and I felt quite helpless..

Yesterday for Canada was a Civic Holiday. I think this was one of those "you need a day off" type of holidays.. so I guess that is the only good thing about yesterday, I was getting paid time and a half for the disaster.

Okay, so we have a reservation of TWO. two people. *I* have worked Mondays enough to know that what we have for reservations ISN'T what will be coming in. Mondays can be very busy. I'm thinking at this point that we're going to be busy because it's the holiday, but really it can go either way.

What I didn't know is that the KITCHEN is thinking it's going to be dead. THAT is a problem. They only prep enough food for a slow night. Im a pretty vocal person when I feel comfortable in knowing what I know. This would have been one of those times. I would be saying to them, "no.. prep for many because Im thinking it's going to be busy.." I should mention that the other chef accompanying the owner was used to slower nights.. she wasn't going to handle the amounts of people coming in tonight and the owner would yell at her.. and she would get flustered.. and.. well, it goes on..

It was busy. It was busy and we were running. When that kind of thing is happening, everyone's rushing and not watching what they're doing. That's what happened with a girl I had made a deal with to share both our sections because my section fills quickly and hers is hard to fill in the beginning of the night. So we combine the two sections and just go one for one. While she was rushing, she cut her finger. She really cut it bad. The tip of it was holding on by a little skin. blood was everywhere. *sigh* Not only do I worry and care for her finger, I have to pick up all her tables AND still do my own. It's hard using someone elses clerk number when you are so used to your own. I told her she needed stitches and to go with the delivery driver to the hospital and dont worry about anything here at the restaurant. Im now sanitizing the table and throwing out pita (which we shouldn't be using, but we ran out of bread for our relish trays.. *sigh*)

I had eight tables of two to four people each AND one large table to take care of. argh. I had to figure out where in their night they were.. (waiting for food, waiting for bill, wanting drinks..) as well as make sure my tables were fine, which I had just started three and needed to get them drinks and relish trays. The kitchen was slow.. we ran out of rice and potatoes.. the other girls had to take care of all the extra tables coming in.. it was horrendous. I was embarrassed for everyone and myself.

If we had JUST THE CUT to deal with, all would have been fine. When the kitchen starts to run out of food that is included on almost every entree, that's where it gets worse.

We close at nine or nine thirty normally on Mondays. I was there until eleven thirty.

And it's funny.. I served six tables on Saturday and made the same amount as I made last night with fifteen plus tables. Of course, three or four of those were NOT under my clerk number, so I dont get paid for them.

And of course, the owner/chef was yelling in his greek way at anyone who would take it. And those customers heard him. MY customers heard him. It was ridiculous.

This happens at the restaurant. Not often, but when it does, it happens to the worst extremes. Things get bad.. then they get worse. Im a pretty honest server, Im going to let you know what happened and why your food is delayed. I dont make up stuff to buy time, I just tell em like it is. I would like to know as a customer, Im going to treat my customers the way I would like to be treated.

Unfortunately, there was barely anything I could do to help the whole situation out but apologize to everyone who sat in my section.

The girl who cut her finger came back. Five stitches later she's doing alright and will still have the top of her finger. Unfortunately, she wont be able to work.

and of course, Im still going for my week vacation tomorrow. :) I think I need it!

ciao folks, on that note, Im going to pack. :)
Thanks for giving me a chance to release that story.. if I wasn't rushed, I could have explained it all better!

I think I would like to be a thrift shop owner INSTEAD of a waitress. I'll get on that when I get back.

Have a great week!

Monday, August 4, 2008

tracy needs..

Okay, so there's a game that I read from Cookies blog.. you go to Google and type in your name then the word "needs".. this is what *I* need.. :)

tracy needs to win to get back into the battle..

tracy needs an additional water supply to meet water demands..
(I am a city! wowwee! new things you learn!)

City of tracy needs to be executed.
(ouch, I couldnt NOT put in "city of". I think you would understand..)

tracy needs a loan.

tracy needs facebook. (uh, no. I do have an account but rarely check it)

tracy needs more than one big pool. (okay!)

tracy needs a mirror.

tracy needs this!

tracy needs team.

I love it. yes.. that is great. lookit all my needs! wow!

Im not going past one page as i have fifteen minutes to get to work.


one week on an island..

this is what I'm now packing for.. every year I look forward to this trip. One week, bare essentials, fishing almost every day, tents, ice, boats, food.. it's wonderful. The trip itself is going to be nice and relaxing.. the packing before though, it's rushed and time consuming.. especially since I have a little one.

You would think that I would plan for this trip BEFORE the two days prior.. and I somewhat have. In my head, that is. Tonight and tomorrow night I work, so that leaves me with the days to wash, plan, pack.. shop.. it's going to be hard, but I'll do it, and it'll be worth it.

Stay tuned.. I'll see if I can post before I leave, but if I dont, please forgive me. I will make it up to you with pictures and the like..

Until I come back, be well and safe.. love everyone and give them hugs. we all need them once in a while.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

maybe I should edit before I publish?

okay, I swear.. Im all done modifying my previous post.

go look. it wont change. well.. i dont think.. :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

oh the inspirations!!

so I strolled over to tangentes' blog and she has fueled my new found obsession of flickr and directed me towards a group called the wardrobe_remix. What a wonderful group to see what other people wear across the world and for me, a great inspiration to the endless ideas of recreating items from vintage! Tangente ALSO recreates things from vintage scarves.. you can see her etsy shop here! And here's a taste of her creations!

I think this is the lady who created yet another obsession in me buying all my vintage scarves. I love them.. oh, i LOVE silk scarves!! okay, she may not have STARTED my obsession with scarves, but HAS had an influence in FUELING my obsession! yay tangente!

There are sooo very many etsy sellers and shops which have inspired me. Leah from moxie thrift AND moxie photo and design. You should see the awesome vintage there and her cards are as wicked can be! I love em!

here's some from moxie photo and design..

I am ALWAYS keeping an eye on Leah's etsy shop and her blog. She's a fabulous person who shares MANY of the same interests as me yet is so very unique.. she has this wonderful way of typing that gets the tone of what she wants to say out there! I love her to bits and am so happy to meet someone so like me yet so very different and somewhat far away! I think she's going to be a constant blog I watch out for!

Cookie from Cookie Sunshine has AMAZING drawings with wonderful sayings!! I HAD to buy five.. and actually, it was funny.. one night I bought three and decided I just shouldn't break the budget more than I was and forgot about the other two.. but then I had a dream about the other two and HAD to buy them the next morning. Cookie totally understood and accommodated me! She is just a WONDERFUL person!

This first one is what captured my heart late one evening.. I was crusing around etsy and I came upon it. This is one that I didnt end up buying, but had to the next morning. It's called "Everyone Needs Balls" and has a wicked little saying to go with it. Now, because I bought mine so early in her game, I got originals AND they wont be reproduced! (until she creates a book of her art.. then you all will be able to ogle my buys!) What she sells now, you can get originals for a fair price and prints for a steal in her etsy shop.

The middle one is called "Prom Queen Reunion" and the last one is called "Balance". I also love "The Balance Game". Actually, I loved it so much but I had an idea for the restaurant to display one with a waitress holding all the things we hold and balancing. Cookie LOVED this idea and is sending me a WONDERFUL drawing to display with a whimsical little saying! I love it to bits! I cant WAIT to display it and set out some cards of hers. My regulars are going to love it and when I leave, I take it with me to my (higher class) restaurant! :) Maybe I should just start my own restaurant as I have many years of experience in helping to run a few small restaurant businesses.. however, once displayed, I will DEFINITELY post on it! I'm currently still waiting for my special little package to arrive which has a print that I won from her blog. I have really enjoyed meeting Cookie and always look forward to her newest blog entry!

I bought some fairy doors recently from Boxnor and honestly, it cost a fair amount.. but the fantasy that he's given my daughter about fairies is PRICELESS. He makes some AMAZING things, and this is only a little preview of them..

That box has hidden drawers! Go check him out! He even has a wooden tie that he's created! Im thinking it's a great gift for my woodworker father in law! (okay, it woodn't be the greatest gift as he doesnt wear ties often!) But I love it!

One last one for today.. Whichgoose. She creates natural crowns made of vines she acquires from near her home but also sells her vintage and thrifty finds! I have GOT to show you the wallet I call MINE now! I LOVE it to pieces!!

Those are SOME of my favourites (no, that's not misspelled, Im Canadian!) on Etsy. I hope to blog more in the months to come! :D I love etsy and..

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

since I have taken that pledge, I have broke the bank BUT been so very inspired and felt EXCELLENT about reducing my corporate support! Yay handmade small business buys!!

As for my horoscope.. today is a great one!

A Solar Eclipse lands today in your 6th house of work and health, giving you an amazing new opportunity to improve your physical wellbeing. Start new habits now and get rid of the bad ones - these changes will stick. You might get a new job, too.

~~~~ask my brother in law.. he KNOWS I've been thinking about a new job for quite some time..

I hope all is well with you in your life! Comment on your blog and I'll come around to view it! Im looking for more reading material to wind down to at night! :)