Saturday, August 23, 2008

first things first..

phew.. lets just get the campfire picture out of the way.. :)

My camping trip was amazing! Although it rained the thursday that we got there and again on the Saturday.. it was still fantastic! It rained friday night til saturday mid day and my aunts tent was SOAKED. She had seam sealed her fly and because the top of her tent is mesh, she couldnt seam seal that. So.. the fly leaked and they were ringing out their sleeping bags.. it was a close call.. it didnt look like it was going to clear up on Saturday so they were thinking about going home and leaving us there to fend for ourselves.. which we could have done. Our tent was fine and there was tons of food. Thankfully it cleared around 3 pm and that was enough time to dry all sleeping bags and air out the ground of the tent.

Fishing was fabulous.. I LOVE to fish. I caught the most fish AND the biggest fish. Mind you, it was a tad unfair as I DID fish the most. I had purchased a new rod and reel before going out.. then realized that I had donated my life jacket to goodwill in thoughts that if I didnt have one, I would get myself a new one. (although the inlaws have plenty I could borrow.. I knew I would want to have my own..)

Well.. it was a bad year to do that to myself as I spent almost $200 on myself BEFORE the cost of the trip.. so this years trip was MIGHTY expensive. I had a great time though!

I'll post ya some more pictures now.. :)
This is the scene if you were standing by my tent, looking down at the gazebo.

this would be left of my tent and down a bit.. :) I was trying to get a picture of the eight or nine loons that were swimming in a row!

and this is the way we came in.. :)

This is the island in whole, on leaving day. Goodbye French River Island!!

This is the cooking fire. We always set it up against the rock and set up a grill over it. It's a very good set up to do all your cooking.. here, we're cooking fish, chips and beans!

Wonderful scenery.. I love this trip..

The Aunt's boat.. I should have learned how to drive it.. I was meaning to but got too distracted into fishing.

My tent!!

Both Joe. One was a quick snap.. I thought it was a funny shot.. the next is him kissing his catch of the day. :)

Martin happy with his catch.. a little blurry for both, but with the night, I couldn't really see the lcd screen! :)

Lookie here.. this is me! :) My shirt smelt like fish for the rest of the trip but hey, I never have my picture taken! :) it looks like Im enjoying it! hahahah..

Lexi doing a weird face.. Im not sure why, but we both laughed when looking at the picture afterwards!

Mary comin out of the gazebo..

Lexi and Katie staying under the tarps while the rain came down on and off that day..

Mathew and Mary..

Mathew and Lexi catching frogs and grasshoppers..

Katie hard at work doing some crafts.. :)

all in all, a great trip!!

Give me a few days to whip up my thriftings post. I have some EXCELLENT finds and I cant wait to show you all!

but until then, Tangente showed me a blog called It's lovely! I'll take it! Go check that out.. "a collection of poorly chosen photos from real estate listings" and some amusing quips. :)

x's and all,

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