Thursday, August 21, 2008

I promise you I have been thinking of you..

Yes.. my INTENTIONS have been to sit down with a nice cup of hot java and create my very next blog telling you about my camping trip and how I so very much loved it but experienced some thrifting withdrawl.. and how my next shops at my local thrifting supply shops (heh heh) were FANTABULOUS.. I purchased some excellent treasures! I cant wait to show you!!

anyhow.. as one thing came to another.. and TWO horrible nights at work (debit/credit machine is down.. and that is just the beginnings of the horrible.) I have taken my first day off (Wednesday) to do some laundry and general cleaning. It's what I do when I have to think about something or to calm myself down while upset. I guess I do it when I have to too, I just dont like those times. :)

Anyhow.. I also came home to find my WONDERFUL drawings from Cookie Sunshine.. (her link is in my blog list) and oh boy oh boy.. I cant wait to find the newest frames!! :) I should also photograph my other creations!! hehheh..

so yeah.. just to help me out and inform you at the same time.. this is what I must do in the next two days..

- teddy bear picnic lexi wants to go to from 1 - 4 pm Thursday (hey.. tha's today!)
- BIL is coming for dinner.. possibly crashing on the pull out.. (we have some catch up to do)
- thrift at this store I have been wanting to go to for TWO whole days.. never been there before, so it's becoming urgent! --> find those new frames!
- sweep, mop and vacuum all floors before BIL gets here.
- think of and get some dinner
- do the dishes I neglected before BIL gets here

there is a whole lot more I must do before my next work night.. Ive got a list beside my bed that I wrote up an hour or so ago. I havent been able to sleep so I have been reading a little of this.. writing a little of that.. sketching some new design ideas I have..

I did sleep from nine pm til about one am. I think that is my problem. I fell to sleep too early and somehow woke up and couldn't get back to sleep.

*sigh* I did just yawn.. maybe I will lay down now and drift off to sleep.

goodnight lovelies..

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