Friday, August 15, 2008

love my blog?

Guess what I won from Cookie at The Cookie Sheet! Yes.. this lovely lady loves my blog! Which is funny, because I love her blog AND her fabulous art!! :D If you go to her blog, she's created a cute poem about this award too! I should have used it with her permission.. it's darling!

okay, so there are rules.. always rules.. but these are going to be fun rules!

link back to the lovely person who chose you.. and pick six more to award this to and send them a little wee message saying you chose them! YAY! Make sure you link them on your blog too! yay!

okay.. here goes my six.. no particular order..

Yummy Goods
Moxie Photo and Design
Maya Made
Which Goose
Ergo Sum

These are the blogs that I read.. so they MUST be my favourite, right?! Actually, Cookies blog is in my favourites too.. so click on my "I love your blog" picture over there on the right and you will be directed to her lovely blog!!

Oh, and I have given a little taste of Which Goose's, Cookies and Moxie's etsy shops on a previous post, if you want to see a little of their creations!

Okay, so it' actually Tuesday morning, almost one full week since I got back and I have been working like crazy unpacking, serving and entertaining the little one.. I can't wait for a day off to actually get some blogging done!! *yippie* I have some WONDERFUL thrifty finds for you to see.. pictures from camping.. and just so many thoughts and ideas floating around in the noggin that I'd like to share.. so please, if you can.. be patient and I will find that time I need to unload the thoughts and sights this crazy lady has to offer! :D

ciao for now!


mayaluna said...

Thank you so much for the blog award! I'm so glad you're enjoying what I'm up to. Congratulations on Your own award..I think I'll stay a while a read what YOU'VE been up to:)

tangente said...

Thanks for the blog award. They're so much fun. I hope to do my version in the next week or so.
Have a great weekend :)