Friday, August 1, 2008

oh the inspirations!!

so I strolled over to tangentes' blog and she has fueled my new found obsession of flickr and directed me towards a group called the wardrobe_remix. What a wonderful group to see what other people wear across the world and for me, a great inspiration to the endless ideas of recreating items from vintage! Tangente ALSO recreates things from vintage scarves.. you can see her etsy shop here! And here's a taste of her creations!

I think this is the lady who created yet another obsession in me buying all my vintage scarves. I love them.. oh, i LOVE silk scarves!! okay, she may not have STARTED my obsession with scarves, but HAS had an influence in FUELING my obsession! yay tangente!

There are sooo very many etsy sellers and shops which have inspired me. Leah from moxie thrift AND moxie photo and design. You should see the awesome vintage there and her cards are as wicked can be! I love em!

here's some from moxie photo and design..

I am ALWAYS keeping an eye on Leah's etsy shop and her blog. She's a fabulous person who shares MANY of the same interests as me yet is so very unique.. she has this wonderful way of typing that gets the tone of what she wants to say out there! I love her to bits and am so happy to meet someone so like me yet so very different and somewhat far away! I think she's going to be a constant blog I watch out for!

Cookie from Cookie Sunshine has AMAZING drawings with wonderful sayings!! I HAD to buy five.. and actually, it was funny.. one night I bought three and decided I just shouldn't break the budget more than I was and forgot about the other two.. but then I had a dream about the other two and HAD to buy them the next morning. Cookie totally understood and accommodated me! She is just a WONDERFUL person!

This first one is what captured my heart late one evening.. I was crusing around etsy and I came upon it. This is one that I didnt end up buying, but had to the next morning. It's called "Everyone Needs Balls" and has a wicked little saying to go with it. Now, because I bought mine so early in her game, I got originals AND they wont be reproduced! (until she creates a book of her art.. then you all will be able to ogle my buys!) What she sells now, you can get originals for a fair price and prints for a steal in her etsy shop.

The middle one is called "Prom Queen Reunion" and the last one is called "Balance". I also love "The Balance Game". Actually, I loved it so much but I had an idea for the restaurant to display one with a waitress holding all the things we hold and balancing. Cookie LOVED this idea and is sending me a WONDERFUL drawing to display with a whimsical little saying! I love it to bits! I cant WAIT to display it and set out some cards of hers. My regulars are going to love it and when I leave, I take it with me to my (higher class) restaurant! :) Maybe I should just start my own restaurant as I have many years of experience in helping to run a few small restaurant businesses.. however, once displayed, I will DEFINITELY post on it! I'm currently still waiting for my special little package to arrive which has a print that I won from her blog. I have really enjoyed meeting Cookie and always look forward to her newest blog entry!

I bought some fairy doors recently from Boxnor and honestly, it cost a fair amount.. but the fantasy that he's given my daughter about fairies is PRICELESS. He makes some AMAZING things, and this is only a little preview of them..

That box has hidden drawers! Go check him out! He even has a wooden tie that he's created! Im thinking it's a great gift for my woodworker father in law! (okay, it woodn't be the greatest gift as he doesnt wear ties often!) But I love it!

One last one for today.. Whichgoose. She creates natural crowns made of vines she acquires from near her home but also sells her vintage and thrifty finds! I have GOT to show you the wallet I call MINE now! I LOVE it to pieces!!

Those are SOME of my favourites (no, that's not misspelled, Im Canadian!) on Etsy. I hope to blog more in the months to come! :D I love etsy and..

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

since I have taken that pledge, I have broke the bank BUT been so very inspired and felt EXCELLENT about reducing my corporate support! Yay handmade small business buys!!

As for my horoscope.. today is a great one!

A Solar Eclipse lands today in your 6th house of work and health, giving you an amazing new opportunity to improve your physical wellbeing. Start new habits now and get rid of the bad ones - these changes will stick. You might get a new job, too.

~~~~ask my brother in law.. he KNOWS I've been thinking about a new job for quite some time..

I hope all is well with you in your life! Comment on your blog and I'll come around to view it! Im looking for more reading material to wind down to at night! :)


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Leah said...

lovely post...and not only because of the VERY kind words you wrote of my stuff and/or me! its great to see what inspires get to see inside someone head. i love it! thanks for the nice mention too. very kind indeed!