Thursday, August 28, 2008

oh thrifting .. how I have splurged!

Okay, this isn't even a QUARTER of my haul.. but I thought I would enlighten you with the pictures I have taken. :) Here's some pictures and some descriptions and then Im getting back to finding all my clothing thrifts and taking pictures of those items too!

Cute little dish, eh? It's actually not that little, but a "handful". It has a purple and green gleam to it and is a solid glass piece. I LOVE the way my hand can cradle it. I have a feeling it's an ashtray for either cigarettes or cigars. The cigar would make sense as I can put my thumb in the little groove and it fits there perfectly!

This is actually a small little vase. I really LOVE it. I had to buy it for the dandelions my daughter collects for me every spring and summer!

my newest mug. I love it too. It's made in Scotland and made by Duncon Ceramics or maybe it's Dunoon Ceramics.. not too sure with that letter in there. :) Oh, the honey jar beside the mug was also thrifted! :D I love it as it's lid keeps any critters out!

Yes. I know. It's a spoon to you. To me, this will be the BEST UTENSIL for my pumpkin carving. The pointy end will help very much in pushing out my cuttings or maybe just starting a hole somewhere in my pumpkin. :) The scoop is nice and thick so there's no chance of it bending like last years scoop. :) I paid a good fifty cents! What joy this will bring me in two months!

Springy, funky fruit holders! I love them! So different and neat.. My MIL hates them though!

This is now one of my favourite glasses. Yes, SWIFT seeds... how I love you.. :) Perfect size for a glass of juice!

I forgot to add this one more picture.. so here I am editting! :)

My newest easter bowls. Aren't they cute as cute can be?! The polka dot one is from Tag, and the easter bunny one I saw a year or two ago in Hallmark. Of course, both items were so much cheaper than when I first saw them in the actual stores.. I think I may have paid $1.25 for both combined! :)

Oh how I love thrift stores! I think I will head back out today! :D (I may have a problem...)


Leah said...

are these keepers or to be sold? looks like a successful outing.

thanks for sharing!

senacia said...

Some I will keep.. some I will sell. :) I have more to share from today! :)

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Fabbo finds! That pumpkin carver, the bunny bowl, the thistle mug--great stuff. And at those prices, I don't think you've got much of a problem!

Crystal Peel said...

Ok, the bunny bowl is waaay too cute.