Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ready.. get set..

yes, it's a countdown now. Im leaving and I'll come back to post about it! What a wonderful time it will be and how I will love to come back to the cluttered city life I lead. hmm. lead doesnt look right. is that right? you know how sometimes that happens. you type out a word (or write.. if yer retro! :) and it just doesnt look right?! yep. it's a common word.. but still, you look at it and wonder.. how IS that spelled? hrm. lead has to have two meanings, because I know that spells lead as in lead poisoning. :) or a lead pencil..

anyhow, im delirious and should get some sleep so I will be able to make my great escape QUICKLY tomorrow!

Ladies and gents, have yourselves a great week and I'll try to think of interesting posts to come! :D

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Cookie Sunshine said...

Dear Tracy,
I just received a little award and am told I need to pass it on....Guess what! :-)
Please visit my blog when you get a moment and pick up your prize!
Hugs and love,