Friday, August 29, 2008

ready.. set.. more loot!

so I have gathered some more stuff to show off. :) I LOVE thrifting.. I really do have a talent (at least in my own head) and really do love doing it. :) I MUST incorporate this love and talent into a career.. wouldnt that be wise?!

anyhow.. off to the pictures!

This is the print of my table cloth! :) I love it!

This is the newest tank I have purchased.. There is only one thing I want to fix on it and that is the zipper on the side of it. It's got that kinky problem where it bulges out.. I havent tried it on, it may not do that once on..

This is a cute little set I got a while ago and thought I would show it off now. It's a springish type creamer and sugar set. I think it's adorable! :)

Oh.. I almost pooped myself a little when I saw this. (okay, I just wanted to make you laugh.. sorry if that was offensive!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this.. I dont know if it's the trim on it (it is even around the bottom of the creamer and sugar bowl!).. the fact that it's stainless steel.. or whether it has a tray to conveniently bring it to the table.. It's amazing and it's MINE. :) (sorry)

This is a scale from Farberware. It's cute and goes up to five pounds. It does have a little slide on it to adjust the weight for the tare of the lid.. which because it doesn't minus enough for the weight of the lid, I was putting it up to one pound and then taking that pound off the total to know what the actual weight of things were.. :) It's fun and folds down on itself! (Although, I have a digital weight scale.. I am not sure if I ever NEED to weigh food!)

Yep. I just love this shirt. It's all cotton and very light and airy. It's a maternity top, but hey.. I just dont care! I will wear it either with a tank underneath it or size it down next time I get the sewer out. :) Below is a close up of the main print in it. I love that little white heart!

and here's the tea party we had today! :) Lexi and her plastic.. me and my Denby cut "new life" is what I call it.. and my stainless steel creamer and honey (sugar) bowl!

OKAY! There is so much more to show you, but alas.. i must snap the pictures! :)

I may be back later.. have a great day!


tangente said...

You really do have some great finds, maybe you should think about setting up a shop on Etsy to sell vintage.


senacia said...

Im slowly edging my way there! :) Thank you for the encouragement Cathy!! :)