Friday, August 29, 2008

things I should do before I turn 31.. as well as some more thrifty finds!

Okay.. so both leah at Moxie Photo and Design and this blog, Soon, Then gave me the idea.

Lists. okay, I really do make plenty of lists on my own.. but here is a good idea. A list of DESIRES I would like to accomplish before I turn 31. (Leah's was just for this weekend.. I needed longer. :))

Okay, so the end of February is my birthday.. and this is what I would like to do.

~ start a shop. Etsy would be a fine shop to start.
~ set up and organize the studio
~ walk in nice grass with bare feet again
~ make a snow fort (common weather, work with me this year!!)
~ buy me a brand new bed, I deserve it.
~ organize my room. Ive done Lexi's, now it's MY turn!
~ drink three glasses of water a day habitually.
~ learn how to use a better camera, or at least figure out how to use THIS camera!

Im going to stop my list and actually think about it. I may add to it later! Maybe some day shortly, I'll actually make this a list at the side of my blog.. anyone want to inform me how to strike out lettering in HTML? :)

so.. I think Im addicted to using the camera today. I have taken a few more photos to put up.. here it goes!

My first ever favourite glass. My mom thrifted it and eventually gave it to me because any time I came over, I would drink from it and only it. She grew tired of me washing out this glass when it was dirty to use it and forced me to take it with me. THANKS MOM! Unfortunately, this now has some chips out of the rim. I have used it for a watering glass for some high up plants.. but I think I will plant some plant in it that uses pebbles and water for the base.. like bamboo or something.. (yes, I know I have juice in this cup.. it actually is MEANT for moooo milk. See the cow on the back?! :)

not the best picture here.. but this is my flowery plate with a little ceramic butterfly and a pair of cuff links. One of my newest thrifted shirts needs cuff links.. these were the only ones I could find. The butterfly is for my daughter who LOVES butterflies and I couldn't resist the plate.. I love daisies!

Here's one of the mannies I was promising you before (and TOTALLY forgot to show you!!) Now she's wearing the british shirt! actually, NOW Im wearing the british shirt.. but I put it on her and snapped a quick pic! I'm still thinking of how to fix the zipper problem.. I know I can put a new one in, but Im trying to think of a different fastening method!

and here are my WONDERFUL scarf curtains. They have grown so very much and now encompass both side by side windows.. I have some ties tied to the hooky things that the curtain rod normally sits on and when I want to lower the curtains, I just unhook the rod and let it dangle by the loops that is sewn on a tie to put the smaller part of the tie through to keep it all together. I thought it was genius.. and inventive! :)

I think the only problem (which isnt much of a problem) with this is that I have too many on here that you cant really see all of them. I think the solution would be to go and spread them out a bit more. :)

SURE! I can do that! :D

Anyhow.. I think Im going to get some munchies.. relax a bit and take in the silence of the night. Maybe read a little..

Ciao for now!
x's and all!


whichgoose said...

I am so stealing your scarf curtain idea!!! Don't hate me :) And the COW CUP! And thanks for your encouragement about my manly problems.... I'm definitely seeing the upside of being single.

Ali said...

wow! that's a great glass! And I like your list - I love list-making!