Monday, August 4, 2008

tracy needs..

Okay, so there's a game that I read from Cookies blog.. you go to Google and type in your name then the word "needs".. this is what *I* need.. :)

tracy needs to win to get back into the battle..

tracy needs an additional water supply to meet water demands..
(I am a city! wowwee! new things you learn!)

City of tracy needs to be executed.
(ouch, I couldnt NOT put in "city of". I think you would understand..)

tracy needs a loan.

tracy needs facebook. (uh, no. I do have an account but rarely check it)

tracy needs more than one big pool. (okay!)

tracy needs a mirror.

tracy needs this!

tracy needs team.

I love it. yes.. that is great. lookit all my needs! wow!

Im not going past one page as i have fifteen minutes to get to work.


1 comment:

Cookie Sunshine said...

Hi Tracy, Wasn't this so much fun!
I'm checking in to see how you are doing and if you have received your pictures yet? Please check in and let me know!

Hugs and love,