Tuesday, August 5, 2008

what next?

Typically I try to redirect negative thoughts and just focus on positive things. I TRY. I forget to do it and sometimes just am not capable of doing it. Last night was one night I couldn't continue to try to do it.. everything was just going from bad to worse and I felt quite helpless..

Yesterday for Canada was a Civic Holiday. I think this was one of those "you need a day off" type of holidays.. so I guess that is the only good thing about yesterday, I was getting paid time and a half for the disaster.

Okay, so we have a reservation of TWO. two people. *I* have worked Mondays enough to know that what we have for reservations ISN'T what will be coming in. Mondays can be very busy. I'm thinking at this point that we're going to be busy because it's the holiday, but really it can go either way.

What I didn't know is that the KITCHEN is thinking it's going to be dead. THAT is a problem. They only prep enough food for a slow night. Im a pretty vocal person when I feel comfortable in knowing what I know. This would have been one of those times. I would be saying to them, "no.. prep for many because Im thinking it's going to be busy.." I should mention that the other chef accompanying the owner was used to slower nights.. she wasn't going to handle the amounts of people coming in tonight and the owner would yell at her.. and she would get flustered.. and.. well, it goes on..

It was busy. It was busy and we were running. When that kind of thing is happening, everyone's rushing and not watching what they're doing. That's what happened with a girl I had made a deal with to share both our sections because my section fills quickly and hers is hard to fill in the beginning of the night. So we combine the two sections and just go one for one. While she was rushing, she cut her finger. She really cut it bad. The tip of it was holding on by a little skin. blood was everywhere. *sigh* Not only do I worry and care for her finger, I have to pick up all her tables AND still do my own. It's hard using someone elses clerk number when you are so used to your own. I told her she needed stitches and to go with the delivery driver to the hospital and dont worry about anything here at the restaurant. Im now sanitizing the table and throwing out pita (which we shouldn't be using, but we ran out of bread for our relish trays.. *sigh*)

I had eight tables of two to four people each AND one large table to take care of. argh. I had to figure out where in their night they were.. (waiting for food, waiting for bill, wanting drinks..) as well as make sure my tables were fine, which I had just started three and needed to get them drinks and relish trays. The kitchen was slow.. we ran out of rice and potatoes.. the other girls had to take care of all the extra tables coming in.. it was horrendous. I was embarrassed for everyone and myself.

If we had JUST THE CUT to deal with, all would have been fine. When the kitchen starts to run out of food that is included on almost every entree, that's where it gets worse.

We close at nine or nine thirty normally on Mondays. I was there until eleven thirty.

And it's funny.. I served six tables on Saturday and made the same amount as I made last night with fifteen plus tables. Of course, three or four of those were NOT under my clerk number, so I dont get paid for them.

And of course, the owner/chef was yelling in his greek way at anyone who would take it. And those customers heard him. MY customers heard him. It was ridiculous.

This happens at the restaurant. Not often, but when it does, it happens to the worst extremes. Things get bad.. then they get worse. Im a pretty honest server, Im going to let you know what happened and why your food is delayed. I dont make up stuff to buy time, I just tell em like it is. I would like to know as a customer, Im going to treat my customers the way I would like to be treated.

Unfortunately, there was barely anything I could do to help the whole situation out but apologize to everyone who sat in my section.

The girl who cut her finger came back. Five stitches later she's doing alright and will still have the top of her finger. Unfortunately, she wont be able to work.

and of course, Im still going for my week vacation tomorrow. :) I think I need it!

ciao folks, on that note, Im going to pack. :)
Thanks for giving me a chance to release that story.. if I wasn't rushed, I could have explained it all better!

I think I would like to be a thrift shop owner INSTEAD of a waitress. I'll get on that when I get back.

Have a great week!

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Leah said...

wow. sounds like an exceptionally crazy night. i waitressed for one summer and am always always always patient with all wait staff...they work hard for their money....

that should be a song!...wait...it is....

happy vacation!