Friday, September 19, 2008

hang on!

Yep. I am still alive.. I have been having a hard time finding time though.. if you give me a bit more time, I'll blog later at night where all is still and silent and I can think a bit better. I have pictures and stories.. it's just the time that is missing. Im also trying to get me an etsy shop started too! Stay tuned, and thank you to my followers.. I feel a guilty I havent blogged more though. Please forgive me!

x's to you until next time!


Soon, Then said...

No worries... we'll be here when you find time again! :) Some days are just busy hunting down edible lunches!

Cookie Sunshine said...

checking in to say hello. There is a wonderful blogger who writes about blogging without obligation. I'm going to try to locate her url and send it to you. I am now an official "follower" of your blog. If you add a follower widget, I will show up!

I love the new look and the gorgeous photographs.

Hugs to you.