Saturday, September 6, 2008

hi again

well.. I have gone thrift shopping.. I haven't taken that picture yet. I have given all cats a flea bath, I haven't taken pictures of my loot.

I have plenty to do and I need you to believe me, because I am not going to go on about it right now. :)

Waldorf school is turning out to be a great school full of peace and respect.
This isn't just respect for teachers or students.. this also goes for parents and pets.. it's just amazing to go into this school and feel their vibe compared to the vibe of a public school.

Thank goodness for their subsidy program. When I am able, I will be donating lots to that school.

Today is a blah day even though the sun is shining brightly outside.. Im feeling kinda down. I think I'll go and get ready for work and hope for the best.

Have a lovely Saturday..

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