Thursday, September 25, 2008

let's play catchup..

so it's been a while and well.. I have a little to show you and a lot more to do take pictures of! :)

I HAVE taken those pictures of the basement.. but it was gloomy and I THINK I can get better pictures. I will try again tomorrow as it's my first full day off in a WHILE and Im CLEANING!


now.. for the pictures that I HAVE taken already..

We all remember how I LOVE to hang my scarves as curtains until I am ready to use them for whichever crafty project they are destined for.. This is my newest collection of kitchen scarves.. now my living room two windows and my kitchen two windows are complete! :)

Oh.. I love this measuring cup. I wanted a vintage one.. so this is what I found one day without searching for it.

This is the sweetest little wooden train! Lexi has already claimed it.

I can't wait to get some pictures of the other aprons I thrifted while out that day. I stopped taking pictures because it was sooo gloomy outside.

Have I shown this to you before? I thrifted this some time ago.. actually, *I* didn't, Lexi did. She spent her whole dollar on them. They are actually Radnor brand, and fine china. I did a little ebay check and they are worth MORE than a dollar. :) They are cute though! Perfect for tea parties!

Yep. This is my Royal Doulton Hotelware Steelite. Made in England and MAN, is it THICK and HEAVY DUTY! :) I loved the leaves.. the thrift store lady said "I am so glad that is leaving the store! I hate it! It reminds me of the hotels I stayed at as a kid.. we traveled a lot and I hated it!" She was an mid aged lady, so this is definitely vintage!

Funky and retro.. these S & P shakers are a little puzzle fitting pair. I forgot to add in the top picture.. let me go do that!

Alexis also has begun her all natural, private school.. goodness, she is LOVING it! Here's some pictures of her first day. New starting kids and the first grade got roses in a ceremony welcoming them into (grade) school. At the end of the year, there's another ceremony wishing the grade eights good luck into high school..

Yes. This is the project. I am happy to say that I have spent a day in the basement and the storage area for the "seasonals" (second picture) is a bit different and more tidy. I need to go through the seasons and thin them out a little.. but I think I will do that as I get into each season. Im thinking soon the thanksgiving and hallows eve collections will be lighter! :)

I'll try to take another picture of this tomorrow .. I may not show it right away, as it's not totally done.. but it's nice to show progress!

DON'T JUDGE ME! :) One of the waiters said that so quickly in a joking manner on Saturday as a witty little comeback and it's been funny every time I have thought it. :) I guess you had to be there..

I have been reading a book called Happier than God by Neale Donald Walsch. It's a pretty good book. At first I was thinking "yep.. they are explaining The Secret. Well.. they actually mention The Secret and things it didn't elaborate which is important stuff. I must say.. for me it was hard to get into, although it is written in a style that would make readers want to read on.. I was just kind of thinking it was a bit cocky and beating around the bush. Actually, it's not too bad now that Neale has stopped trying to make people stick with reading it. There are a few things I would like to quote though.. if I can find them.

Actually, he quotes Joseph Sugarman.. and I think I will too. Here it is:

"Not many people are willing to give failure a second opportunity. They fail once and it's all over. The bitter pill of failure is often more than most people can handle. If you're willing to accept failure and learn from it, if you're willing to consider failure as a blessing in disguise and bounce back, you've got the potential of harnessing one of the most powerful success forces."

"Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."

And here is something from Neale Donald Walsch:

"Masters have said to us, "Judge not by appearances." This is what they have meant. Discernment allows you to see things as they really are and not fall prey to SATAN (Seeing Any Thing As Negative).

I think I just kinda like the acronym for SATAN. :)

Anyhow, it's time for me to relax and read this book.. Those are just quick things I found to share.. there are so many more inspiring things hidden in there.

Happy soon to be weekend! Im working four nights in a row starting Saturday. I'll TRY to enjoy my cleaning day tomorrow though! (which is why Im relaxing tonight..)



Leah said...

glad you posted your basement pictures! see! now...the cleaning and goal making can commence...

Cookie Sunshine said...

I feel so inspired by this fabulous post. Please continue.

Soon, Then said...

I like Neale Donald Walsch's books. I've read Conversations with God, at least the first and par tof the second books in the series. Yes, sometimes the writing style gets in the way a bit, but overall I find it very approachable and logical approach to spirituality. I'll have to revisit it.
I love the idea of the welcome ceremony for the new class of kids! What a thoughtful approach!
Good job with the basement!
Oh, and ps, thanks for the tip for relaxing and drinking wine in the autumn grass. that sounds lovely. :)