Thursday, October 30, 2008

i dont know

ok. I feel kinda bummed. My horoscope told me that I wouldn't quite say things the way I wanted to say them today and whether it was dead on OR I let that subconsciously affect me, I just don't know.

what am I blabbering about?

well, as I may have blogged, I have given my two weeks notice at my work. I am done week one and starting to get a little nervous. I went out today to drop off a resume and well.. I didn't really give the impression I WANTED to give at a restaurant I really want to work in. ARGH.

This is a really cool concept restaurant. It is all local bought food. Everything about it is going to be Ontario bought. Cool idea, great for local economy.. I am really into the reusing, recycling, re purposing, organic, local food.. that whole concept I have been doing for at least NINE years.

Today, I think I blew it when I went in there to talk to the guy for a little over an hour. I don't know what was with me.. I just seemed to not express things quite right. I filled out paper work and made mistakes. I couldn't write properly.

I guess I was nervous and didn't take a moment before going in to RELAX.


damn. I wish I could do that over again. But, I must say, I DID look good. I was supposed to get a call tonight about an interview. That call still has not come in and it's weird.. I am the type to go to either extreme. I either WAIT for that call and hardly part with the phone.. or I just "let it go" and be at ease with life and oneself.

guess what I did tonight?

yep. I just let the phone out of my sight at nine pm.

I still believe it all happens for a reason though. Maybe I am not supposed to be at this restaurant. Maybe I am suppose to go out on a limb and start my etsy business and MAYBE perhaps start my little city shop full of eco friendly creative wares?

I think I will just let it be for tonight and have a good sleep in my new bed.
I can't pretend I'm not disappointed though. :(


Anonymous said...

aw, bummer.
I am having a tough night myself.
big hug!

Leah said...

everything looks differently in the morning. a good night sleep is what you need.