Wednesday, October 1, 2008

im free!! oh yes, im free!

Okay.. so after working full time for the last couple of weeks.. today is the start to my three day break!

working in a restaurant can be very stressing at times. I really enjoy working as a server meeting people and helping them have a great night out.. but oh, I must say, there is always some sort of DRAMA happening behind that kitchen door.

last night we had a larger sized party and a full house on top of it. Im happy to announce that I did NOT do the party, which Im so very glad.. so I got the "overflow" tables.. once one would leave, the table would fill again. I like that type of turnover some nights.. it makes for a full wallet at the end of the shift.

Monday night was a favourite night out of the four in a row that I did. I only had four tables, but three of them were five people and one was a little old couple who had a GREAT sense of humour.. but because it was a slower night, I really was able to converse with the guests. It was great fun!

I realized that your night is controlled by you. If you come into work grouchy and really just not wanting to be there.. your night can be disastrous. I was as happy as could be and two out of the four tables commented on how great of a server I was. *glow* I swear, that is one of the best things you can do for a server is to complement them. anyhow, I commented that I really liked what I did and they agreed. It looked like I was enjoying myself and in that, they had a great time.

making eighty dollars on four tables tells me that I'm not bad at serving..

today is all about the cleaning/organizing though. The first of october. *ack* The winter is creeping up and I want to air the house out as much as I can before the snow FLIES! I'll try to snap some pictures while Im cleaning as there's lots I havent shown you yet and Im DYING to show you!

First though, I must go and get my cats some RAW MEAT. mmm.. raw meet for the carnivores.

have a lovely wednesday!

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Leah said...

sounds like you ARE good at what you do. that is wonderful! i agree, the attitude is more than half the battle!

enjoy your three days!