Wednesday, October 1, 2008

maybe tomorrow is all about cleaning?!

ok. it's not my fault. (oh yes, it is.. :) I went downtown to get a new bus pass because, well, it IS october first. I need that bus pass.

I saw the thrift shop. thought about it. then without debating with myself more so that I could convince myself "no, not shopping day, CLEANING day." I walked in.

I DID find a hardtop suitcase that should be cleaned a little on the inside. I DID find a fabulous mirror. I did find this wonderful little kangaroo with a baby joey in her pouch salt and pepper shakers (you really must see these! they are so cute!)

I had my suitcase full (also got two shirts, a twin vintage sheet set and a vintage table topper thingy.. I'll try to get that picture when im getting it out!) and a mirror in the other hand, headed home with my newly acquired bus pass.. (reason Im down there!) and I FORGET to stop at the Ryan's pet store on my way back!

I walk in and there are kitties all hungry and purring at me.. thinking Im about to put down a delicious meal for them. I set everything down, look at my clock and put out some salmon I had for them (knowing they wont eat it.. they some how dont like salmon?!)

anyhow.. I go out.. get forty dollars worth of food for them and get back to find myself STARVING. Then Joe, Lexi's dad drops by to tell me he's headed for the dump. (I have yard waste and hazardous waste that needs to go) and I convince him it's time for lunch.. Taco Bell is my choice. (something about the fries supreme is addictive, and I have heard that the United States Taco Bells DONT have fries supreme?! Someone confirm that for me, will ya?)

Anyhow, after going there and waiting FOREVER to take out.. getting home and eating.. I had a VERY hard time staying awake. It has been dreary today with breaks of sun, I blame that.. so I HAD to nap. I didnt realize I would nap for three hours.

so.. Now Im off to do the dishes that patiently awaits. Lexi will soon be coming home from her Grandji date. (Grandma)

Hopefully TOMORROW will be a more productive day.. soon to follow, pictures of the loot. :)

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