Sunday, October 19, 2008

now I'm it..

Im sorry, I should mention Which Goose tagged me!!

The Rules:
1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

hrm.. seven facts and seven people. I should have thought about this before attempting..

1. I believe God is energy. We are energy. Everything is energy. The word "energy" is now looking kinda weird as I have looked at it too many times while editing.. :)

2. Sometimes I act in a way that isn't quite me. I have come to understand that everyone has a vibration and people react to that vibration. Some things are experiences that they have to learn from, sometimes it's you that needs to learn from it.

3. Most nights I think about my social encounters of the day while I'm trying to fall asleep at night. I think about what I liked about the way I handled things and what I didn't like about how I acted then make mental notes of what I COULD'VE done differently or different responses to answers I gave. Then I let it all go.

4. Many people say I have very beautiful eyes which tilt up a little at the out side edges. As a child, I would look in the mirror and pull them down to make them appear normal.

5. Almost every person I have gotten a little close to has said that I am a strange person. I agree. I am. I don't have to do much, people just sense it about me and of those people, they will either LIKE me, or NOT like me. But I do NOT have any close close friends.. I wish I just had ONE BEST FRIEND.

6. I have this fantasy of "having it all together" meaning I ate healthy all the time, meditated, did some yoga or pilates, had some time for pampering AND everything was organized in the house to enable crafty endeavors, filing of paperwork, and really, to just have pop in visitors feel comfortable. At the moment, I do these things very spur of the moment and RIGHT NOW the house is somewhat presentable.

7. I believe I would be a very beneficial multimillionaire for the world. Sure, at first I think I may be a bit greedy, making sure I had a house, car and my daughters future secured.. but the rest of my money, I would make things happen for the better for the world and invest my time in learning how to do that.. I would basically become a part time volunteer for the bettering of life and also a part time crafty mother.

OKAY, I have done confessing! XD that took some time!

lemme see.. now I need seven people to drag into this.. lemme go look around. :)

Lovely people who visit my blog.. I present to you some of the most inspirational people of which I have met either from or from another blog (probably from someone I met through etsy..) which linked to their blogs..

ANYHOW, these are WONDERFUL people who have inspired me endlessly since I have been trying to gather myself and talents to create a etsy store. It is almost on it's way, but for now.. these people are NOW IT! check their blogs, I must say, they are all very talented! I now wish I could choose all the people I had in mind.. but lets stick to the rules!

1. tangente
2. soon, then
3. Queen of Fifty Cents
4. Anna Maria Horner
5. Cookie Sunshine
6. maya*made
7. Elsa Mora

enjoy the up coming week!

(oh, tangente, I could only WISH those pictures with my daughter were of my back yard!! Thank you for the lovely comment/compliment though!:))


Soon, Then said...

You are such a sweetheart! Thanks for really getting out there and sharing about yourself! You, like me, are very introspective, spiritual and your ideals are similar to my own.

Thanks for choosing my blog to tag! I'll take a crack at it... :)

Cookie Sunshine said...

Oh, Tracy,

I love this. I can just imagine you thinking about your day and about all of the things that have happened, then "poof" releasing the energy back into the night.

Yes, I get the quirky bit, but you're a really beautifully quirky person. And, I have a feeling that you have nurtured the things that make you different and unique. I always look forward to hearing from you because you are so very creative and interesting. And, you really, really care about people and the world around you. I like that about you.

I love knowing that my art is in your home because I know that it really is treasured.

Thanks for including me in your game. I'll put up a post later this evening or early on Tuesday.


clareassiral said...

Hi, sorry for the extremely late reply. I saw your comment on flickr regarding the dress, you can find it at it is still available.

clareassiral said...

hi Senacia, thanks for dropping by the blog. I've dropped you an email with regards to the shipping for the items you're interested in! hear from you soon.