Tuesday, October 28, 2008

saturday night nightmare

so we were one short for a busy night. my boss was hosting which means he was seating people and walking around to tables asking how things were.

I was doing pretty well with seven tables and a large party of eight UNTIL that last booth was sat. Unfortunately, their timing couldn't have been worse.. and if I could have passed off that table to someone, I would have as RIGHT when they sat down was the start of all my hot food coming up to be delivered, bills needed to go out and many a pop had to be refilled. *sigh*

so it took me about seven to ten minutes to get their drink order. another five to get it out to them (bar was busy, of course) and that is when it happened.

the boss stops me in the kitchen and YELLS at me. Yes. what did he say? hmm. "why doesn't #13 have their drinks?!"
I say, "that's what Im off to do, I need to go!"
he gets louder and says "are you not taking me seriously? you are NOW just getting their drinks?!"
me, "yes. I need to go and do it NOW.. they've been waiting"
"that will be your last table.." he mocks
"Okay, but I am closing tonight. Get someone else to close then.. Im not staying without tables." and with that, I leave to get the drinks that are actually WAITING on the bar now, getting in everyone elses way.

So the night goes on.. he's checking my tables like MAD and all of them are saying things are great.. our server is working hard. Very nice girl, great service for a very busy night..

I over hear some of these comments. Im happy that they are happy, but even MORE delighted that he has gone to check out my work and they have stood behind me.

He is PISSED. you would think the OWNER would be happy that I am actually doing a good job despite #13 waiting and waiting.. and in my mind, that is my "sacrificial table" which means, that table that didn't get the service that I would normally give and to expect a mediocre tip from them.

He found something ELSE to yell at me for, but I just don't listen. I am FAR too busy to waste my time trying to explain OR to even yell at him. I just nod and leave.. but I did hear "I dont care if this is your LAST shift!" OHHHH.. I remember. He sat me another table and I told someone to take it. She says "why? You can't be cut, not now!" I told her "nope, john told me that #13 was my last table.." and of course, the perfect person to be talking to as she is 60+ and greek. She speaks greek to John and then comes back to me and tells me to take the table. You aren't cut.

yay. (not really) So I take the table and eventually all my tables get done and pay. Then I dont get another table sat AT ALL. Im the only one without tables and I was suppose to be closing (because I know John and he HASN'T lined up another closer..)

So. I tell the girl that was going to help me close (but still go earlier than me) that she should be closing. She agrees to close (as she has three or four tables left) and I do my duties which takes almost until closing time due to the disaster the night has caused the restaurant.

I show her how to close the machines and everyone is questioning me what happened. I tell them I am going to be looking for a new job.

I took the picture Cookie Sunshine drew for this restaurant off the wall and left for the night.

THIS restaurant isn't deserving of such fine artistic talent. I will take it with me to another restaurant. When and if I open my own, it will rest there and I will ensure that the place is worthy of it.

oh yes, I almost forgot. I got in trouble last night too. The night started fine and he was TRYING to be nice.. probably heard that Im going to be looking out in the world for new employment.. but that didn't last long. Once again we were short a server and well.. we started getting busy.. and things were looking hairy. THEN, BAM. I got in trouble. Why? I don't know actually. He asked me to get his coffee.. I told him it's going to have to wait. I guess I didn't get to it in time, and he came out and did it himself. I guess Im suppose to be HIS server as well, no matter HOW busy I am. Hmm.

Tomorrow will be my first day off and the first day I hand out resumes.

I wish I could just start my own business. Unfortunately, I feel like Im always one step behind and that it's impossible.

Maybe I should just leap for it.


Soon, Then said...

Honey, follow your dreams!
No one deserves to be treated like that... Find something that can pay your bills while you make the transition, and can also be supportive of you, whatever that looks like. Go for it girl!

senacia said...

Thank you for the encouragement! You're wonderful! I think I will start doing more towards that dream. :)