Wednesday, October 15, 2008

*sigh* I voted and it didn't work..

well.. canadians have another minority conservative government.

Im not going to pretend that I know politics, because I really dont.

however, I do know good feeling from bad feeling and when I read the politics section.. I somewhat trust my instincts.

Conservatives didn't give me the warm fuzzies..
as a matter of fact, neither did the liberals.

when will people stop voting for parties who use "fear tactics"? my GAWD. how wrong is it to bash someone to make yourself look better?!

and their policies.. yep. Im so very glad that my daughters generation, from what I can see for the most part, CARE about the environment.

unfortunately, by the time they are in power, it may be too late.

it's all very sad really.. and that's the last thing I need on a dreary day like today.


I hope to see life evolve more progressively in the future. I really would love to see a change for the better some time soon.

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